Another one: Abdul Aziz Mohamed El Baz

From a public Facebook page:

What happened to BenBaz?


BenBaz has been thrown in jail by the Kuwaiti Government since  December 31, 2012. On February 7, 2013*, he was sentenced by the same  Kuwaiti Government for one year in jail plus forced labor, plus a fine,  plus deportation from Kuwait.

The Kuwaiti Government charged BenBaz with contempt of religions & attempting to spread atheism, they have sentenced BenBaz for peacefully writing his views in a blog where he explained the benefits of secular values.

Kuwaiti Official documents of BenBaz’s case attached below. We have hidden BenBaz info.

Why was BenBaz arrested?

The Mirrors of the Gulf Company owner, where BenBaz worked, reported BenBaz to Kuwaiti Authorities as a blasphemer

Why did his employer report him for blasphemy? 

Because BenBaz planned to leave his company The Mirrors of the Gulf  and join another firm. Aziz was not happy about the low wages he was  paid, and he told his employer who informed the police about Aziz blog,  accusing BenBaz of contempt of religions and blasphemy. All of which was  retaliation against BenBaz for wanting to improve his income and  advance his career.

What are the evidence against BenBaz?

  • Excerpts from articles by the Egyptian writer Alaa Al Aswany plublished on his blog
  • A graphic depicting Abraham about to slay his son, a current image in the Western media
  • Excerpts of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “All human beings are born free ……”

Here is a link to BenBaz’s blog:

Why is this important?

Aziz is in prison simply because he holds atheistic, humanistic, and secular views.

Whether you are an Atheist or a Muslim or a Christian, nobody  deserves to be jailed or punished for having atheistic views. He did not  hurt anybody. He did not steal, he did not assault anyone, he did not  vandalize someone’s property. He is simply a well articulated gentle  soft spoken Egyptian Atheist who speaks his mind. He expressed himself  peacefully writing a rather gentle blog. We need your help to pressure  the Kuwaiti government to release him from this unjust imprisonment.

What can you do to help?

We need your help to get the words out, gather support for this peaceful atheist humanist activist

  • Tweet hastag: #FreeBenBaz
  • If you can organize a protest in front of Kuwait Embassy or  Consulate if there is one in your city let us know and we will help you.  Join the FreeBenBazProtest community page on Facebook:
  • Please help us by making videos, writing in your blogs, writing articles, calling the media, calling your representatives, etc,

Help us free BenBaz!



  1. Gordon Willis says

    Signed. This contributes to confirming my suspicion that blasphemy laws exist so that people can settle scores at someone else’s expense.

  2. Gordon Willis says

    I meant to add, why are the faithful so frightened? I suspect that they lack faith. Or it’s really about power and oppression. That would make more sense, would it not?

  3. rnilsson says

    Late and silly nitpick:

    thrown in jail by the Kuwaiti Government since December 31, 2012. On February 7, 2012, he was sentenced

    obviously at least one of those dates must be incorrect.
    Carry on.

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