The goldfish quiz

Ok you wanted a Sunday afternoon quiz, so here is one.

Friendly wags on Facebook have been creating new “Should Miri Mogilevsky…” pages – be given a goldfish, be given a cheesecake, be given a goldfish, a cheesecake, and a tardis. So on the goldfish one, I commented

Yes but make sure she remembers where the car is before the fish goes into the plastic bag.

What is the reference?


  1. oliversarmy says

    Seinfeld. The Parking Garage. Season 3, episode 6. The gang searches for Kramer’s car in a shopping center parking garage. Kramer has bought an air conditioner and Elaine has bought a goldfish. Jerry has to pee. It all ends badly.

  2. artymorty says

    Ha ha! Whenever I see the fish in the pet store window at the mall I think of that episode and it gives me a little chuckle.

  3. Francisco Bacopa says

    The fish in the bag is as good as dead. Look at its caved in abdomen. It was starved to survive shipping and probably has parasites.

    I worked in the aquarium trade for a while. I have bred the “meteor minnow” strain of T. albonubes with the Vietnamese Tanichtyus in an attempt to save the meteor strain. I failed. I am now trying to breed a hybrid Gold Dust Molly strain with local ditch mollies to make a cold tolerant gold dust strain.

  4. Cassidy McJones says

    I assume Seinfeld pees in the goldfish bag?

    Not sure if serious….but no, that doesn’t happen. Nonetheless, it’s not a happy ending for the poor goldfish.

  5. says

    Yes but don’t be upset because actually the goldfish was whisked away to a comfortable tank and didn’t die at all. It was a clever bit of tv special effects in which Kramer simply shook his head when George asked if the fish was ok – WE NEVER SAW THE FISH DIE.

    Oh whew.

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