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Turkey used to be more secular than it is now. It’s going in the wrong direction. It’s going backward. Of course, theocrats think it’s going in the right direction, and going forward, or else that going backward is a good thing.

Torcant sent me this example from Hürriyet, in which a woman is fired because cleavage.

A television presenter has been dismissed over a low-cut top she wore on a television program, following criticism from ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesperson Hüseyin Çelik.

Çelik criticized the presenter’s costume during a TV program, without giving a name, saying he found the dress “extreme” because of its open cleavage.

“We don’t intervene against anyone, but this is too much. It is unacceptable,” he said.

We don’t intervene against anyone, except when we do. We, the political party in power, decide what is acceptable in the way of women’s shirts. When we turn our thumbs down the woman is kicked out of her job.

Following Çelik’s remarks, it was revealed that the host in question was Gözde Kansu, who was taking part on the show “Veliaht” on the ATV station, and rumors spread that she had been fired.

The show’s producer, Caner Erdem, previously said nothing had been resolved, adding that Kansu might not take part in the program next week “due to her busy schedule.”

However, after discussions between the channel and the producer, Kansu’s dismissal was confirmed on Oct. 8.

The company that produces the show released a statement on Oct. 9, denying that Kansu was fired due to her low-cut dress.

The company said it no longer wanted to work with Kansu after the first  episode because her way of presentation and style was not in line with  the show’s aims, the statement said.

And those aims were…to jump when the party in power said jump.

Gözde Kansu is more direct about the matter.

Gözde Kansu, the television presenter who was fired from a TV show after a government official criticized her low-cut dress, said her firing was political, as nobody at her station was “willing to stand against the political will.”

“Sacrificing me was the easiest thing they could have done and they did. A woman again,” Kansu said in an interview with daily Hürriyet, speaking for the first time in public after reports of her dismissal from private broadcaster ATV surfaced.

She objected to the show producer’s claim that said they had parted ways because “her way of presentation and style was not in line with the show’s aims.”

“Look, if they didn’t like my performance they would tell me, right? They are investing a lot of money in this business. But they didn’t tell me anything. When [Hüseyin] Çelik talked, things changed,” Kansu said, insisting that her presenting had previously been praised and encouraged by the producers. “This is only the excuse. The ratings were not bad. But nobody wanted to act contrary to political will that slammed my décolleté. This is obvious,” she said.

Well, you know. Tits are haram.


  1. RJW says

    Turkey is often cited by Moslem apologists as an example of a “tolerant” or “moderate” version of the ideology, “moderate’ is a relative term, by Western standards the country is a neither tolerant nor moderate and given its Islamist government, the prognosis is bad. The Europeans would be barking mad to admit Turkey to the EU.

    Indonesia is the other so-called “moderate” majority Moslem nation whose reputation really doesn’t bear close scrutiny. If those two countries are the most promising examples of moderate Islam the situation is indeed dire.

  2. karmacat says

    I suspect that Celik did not like her because she is a woman. The cleavage issue is just a smoke screen. If the problem was with how she dressed, the TV show could have changed her clothes and not have to fire her

  3. Stevarious, Public Health Problem says

    I suspect that Celik did not like her because she is a woman. The cleavage issue is just a smoke screen. If the problem was with how she dressed, the TV show could have changed her clothes and not have to fire her

    You don’t understand. The object was not to ‘prevent this women from flashing her cleavage’. The object was ‘make ALL women afraid of flashing their cleavage, by making an example out of this one’.

  4. Gordon Willis says

    #1-3 Yes, yes, and yes. And as for me, well, the thing is, men don’t know where to look. That’s a serious problem. Never make men feel uncomfortable. God will be very cross with them, and society will look down upon them, and their manliness and, well, their manliness — you know. I mean, the opportunities to feel oppressed by women are so manifold that they must never, never, be allowed expression. I mean, they’ve got bodies oh bloody hell, actual bodies (you wouldn’t believe it, but it’s really true). What can we poor men do? It’s OK if they do porn movies and so on, we can handle that (yeah, handle handle), and it’s just great if they never look at another man and hide all their — what is it? jewels, no, gifts, no, well something like that — just for me (and fucking keep off you perverted son-of-a-bitch). So, the fact is, we poor men are so embarrassed, because WE WANT IT SO MUCH and we want to make sure it’s ALL MINE AND OH GOD OH GOD! Why should she be allowed to flaunt it as if she didn’t belong to anyone when it’s ALL MINE AND OH GOD OH GOD AND …that’s it: God, you tell her.

  5. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Well, you know. Tits are haram.

    Tits and GTFO.

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