One of 18 women

It’s everywhere. There’s the mayor of San Diego, for another example.

A San Diego parks employee who says Mayor Bob Filner put her in a headlock and rubbed against her breasts at a public event this year filed a $500,000 battery and sexual harassment claim against the city on Monday, her attorney said.

Stacy McKenzie, one of 18 women who accuse Filner of making unwanted sexual advances, is the second in two months to initiate legal action against the embattled politician. Her claim is the precursor to a lawsuit.

Filner, a former Democratic congressman who was elected mayor of California’s second-largest city last year, announced on Friday that he would step down effective August 30 as part of a settlement with the city over a lawsuit filed by his former press secretary, Irene McCormack Jackson.

So that’s not actually a perk of the job? But but but – he’s a leader – an alpha male – a prominent man – aren’t they supposed to have guaranteed access to lots of nooky?

McKenzie, a parks department district manager who has worked for the city for 32 years, alleged that the mayor touched her inappropriately during a public event in April.

“Filner, who was attending the event as a dignitary, sexually battered Ms. McKenzie after asking her on a date when he pursued her across a city park where families were gathered, grabbed her from behind and put her into a headlock with his right arm rubbing across her breasts and his left arm rubbing her upper arm,” her attorney, Dan Gilleon, said in a statement.

In her written claim, McKenzie accuses the city of failing to prevent sexual harassment by Filner or to warn of his “predatory nature.” The claim seeks $500,000 in compensatory and punitive damages.

“Although the city attorney previously stated he ‘will not under any circumstance represent Bob Filner,’ he has now switched corners and is defending the mayor,” Gilleon said.

“We believe downplaying Filner’s conduct is not only legally wrong, it also sends the wrong message for a high profile, elected official to minimize the very type of sexual battery he has previously condemned,” Gilleon said.

Yes, it does. This wrong message thing is also everywhere, and it’s a bad bad bad thing.


  1. Robert B. says

    I believe it’s usually spelled “nookie.”

    Popehat had an article about this, which proposed that defending Filner might be cheaper than defending themselves against the claim that they are obligated to defend Filner AND against the claim that they should have stopped Filner sooner. Buying this guy a lawyer is probably still despicable, but the money angle gave me a different perspective on possible motives.

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