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Because it’s a hot afternoon. Also because they kept making me laugh.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But then there’s like two million more after that, so what’s the point?

Laurie Penny @PennyRed

That’s a shame-  the main reason I do politics is so that internet creeps will want to fuck me.

Then I read the conversation in that one. That part isn’t amusing. It’s stupid.

Guardian Reader @guardianista

Not trying to sound sexist or anything, but who do you think’s more attractive of tonight’s debaters: @AlexandralSwann or @pennyred?

So that’s enough of that conversation. And good old “Don’t take this the wrong way/Not to be politically incorrect or anything/I’m not a racist but” – it’s so brilliant the way people think they get a free asshole-pass as long as they flag it up ahead of time. Protip! It doesn’t become any less sexist simply because you tell us you know it’s sexist!

Not trying to be serious here.

Some guy I don’t know.

@Popehat dont kick yourself just because everyone will have served their minimum mandatory term by the time they finish reading your post.


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    Perhaps the ‘not trying to sound sexist or anything’ twitterer is merely emphasizing that they are not, in fact, trying

    As in: they are making no effort. This is the sexism they achieve without trying.

    (/… so it’s sorta like their resting pulse, as it were.)

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