To push the pope and the bishops

The New York Times reports on the Whistleblowers.

Although they know they could face repercussions, they have banded together to push the new pope to clean house and the American bishops to enforce the zero-tolerance policies they adopted more than a decade ago.

The group began organizing quietly nine months ago without the knowledge of their superiors or their peers, and plan to make their campaign public this week. Most in the steering group of 12 have blown the whistle on abusers in the past, and three are canon lawyers who once handled abuse cases on the church’s behalf. Four say they were sexually abused as children.

The story links to a 2002 Times article that Sister Sally Butler mentioned in that On the Media story, and that I made a note to look for. It’s about the abusing priests that she knew in Brooklyn.

The nuns say they have made their allegations public because they resent the diocese’s secrecy and what they consider its inadequate action. The diocese said it handled everything fairly, that it had no responsibility to inform the nuns, and that it wanted to contact the victim, but that he never came forward. And following its policy and the usual practice in other dioceses, it did not contact law enforcement officials involving reports of abuse long ago.

The case, and others, shows the tension between church officials who say they are handling the cases fairly and conscientiously, and victims and others who say the church is mostly interested in keeping the abuses quiet.

Statute of limitations; that’s all they care about, Butler told Gladstone.


  1. spike13 says

    Cover up has been the standard operating procedure of the catholic church in all cases of preistly misconduct.
    One would think that the higher ups in the church would realise that the cover up only makes them look even more like a corrupt,sleazy organisation. Apparently bad old habits are hard to break.
    Sadder, is that the courage of these nuns coming forward to protect the most vulnerable will be repaid with some kind of censure.(They know this going in)
    The church is an old boys club, the only female voices welcome come from the choir during services,or from twisted extemist charlatans posing as living saints.

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