1. Gretchen Robinson says

    Words do hurt, only you don’t see the wounds and then the scars. My dad had lots of old chestnuts he trotted out. All were propaganda for the status quo of letting bullies rule.

  2. MFHeadcase says

    The mouse over text really tags it.

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can make me think I deserved it.”

    Yeah, the wrong words can be worse than physical injury.

  3. left0ver1under says

    Whether it’s teachers, parents, police or many others in authority, many see laziness is the easiest “solution” to bullying and other unwanted harassment and assault. They live by two rules when avoiding responsibility and duty:

    (1) If it’s not important to me, it’s not important.

    (2) If I can do nothing, I will do nothing.

  4. Jonny Vincent says

    This cartoon misses the point of the playground wisdom.

    “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me” is an invaluable nursery rhyme extolling what is sane and real and in contrast with the illusory world created by misogynist women peddling religion’s emotional corruption. In the neverending, non-existent debate over the morals of human slavery, slavery is kicking the ass of decency. The general population is about 95% slaves. Words cannot hurt the other 5%.

    The rhyme addresses the ‘controversial’ issues of External v Internal validation and Emotional Manipulation.

    Slaves require external validation.
    Humans freed from corruption do not. They validate themselves. Words cannot hurt them which allow them to listen to all of them, and filter unemotionally for value.

    Benefits of external validation:
    – control

    Benefits of internal validation:
    – no cutting
    – no slavery
    – no war
    – no power
    – no conformity
    – no violence
    – no manipulation
    – no verbal bullying
    – no words will ever hurt you.
    – When words cannot hurt, suddenly words become alive again.

    So basically, it’s Utopia v M.A.D. and the wisdom is with the Buddha and the limerick. To validate “mean words” is to side with the Yahweh religions, Polite Society and misogynist mothers / slave-owners.

    Slavery has to end. Children are being obliterated by mothers who take aim at a child’s Self expressly to erode it in order to break down their resistance to domination. Mothers want children to suffer to please them. The only way that is possible is if they kill their children’s Self.

  5. Jonny Vincent says

    @Eric & Ophelia: It’s just logical reasoning. I’m certain none of it is even controversial but even if there is fallacy corrupting the logic, the core truth will forever hold true; words can only hurt the victims of emotional abuse.

    Children aren’t born wanting to suffer to please; their emotional education gets corrupted by those who want and need their victims to imagine suffering at words or their words won’t be able to hurt them.

    “You should be ashamed!”

    It’s the difference between perceiving criticism as a compliment rather than an imagined motive to hurt others with words. Words cannot hurt those who validate themselves; they have pride in Self.

    “Make your mother proud.”

    Mothers who have embraced misogyny need to bring life of Their Own into a world killing 20,000 children under the age of five every single day to run the Confidence trick that goes like this:

    “But honey, you should want to please me. After all, I gave you life.

    God helps those who enslave Their Own.

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