A tragedy for anti feminist public relations

Hey guess what – it turns out that the Castro brothers (the Cleveland ones, not the Havana ones) are bad PR for misogyny. You don’t say!

Daniel, meanwhile, is angry that Ariel Castro’s alleged crimes have done real damage to … men. That is, if the whole thing isn’t a big false-flag fake:

The truth is, this was the worst that could happen for anti feminist public relations at the moment. If this guy – Mr Castro – only knew how much damage he has done to men by doing this.

The case is such a gift basket for feminism, that I almost suspect it is fabricated.

That’s right! Feminists fabricated the whole thing. Which was totally easy to do – just persuade three women and their families and friends and the news media and the FBI and the Cleveland police…wait…

H/t Jackie Paper


  1. says

    Yes, because as we all know, feminists are in complete control of every level of government, law enforcement and media. Also, when your first thoughts after an event like this are about men’s rights, you show yourself to be completely devoid of rational thought and empathy.

  2. flybywire says

    What the hell is this? Harm to men my ass. This helps men by pointing out what truly harmful actions from bad male behavior is.

    Did the feminists have a time machine to go back 10 years and plant missing posters around? They truly are powerful.

  3. notsont says

    I have no useful comment to make on this, all I can think is AHHHHHHHH FUCK!

  4. says

    I don’t know if these people are insane, stupid or just pig-ignorant. Er.. my apologies to any pigs who may be reading this. It’s a bit like saying the Holocaust was faked just to besmirch the memory of Adolf Hitler. Hang about, some people DO say that. The many varieties of crazy never cease to amaze me!

  5. Gretchen Robinson says

    always misogynists make it all about them. This guy is in hyper-denial. He has no shame. If he had any (healthy) shame, he’d believe the victims and work with women, including feminists, to see that this never happens again. Skin heads have overcome their Jew hate and worked against anti-Semitism. When do men like this reclaim their full humanity and decency in ‘relation’ to women.
    He’s a scared little wimp-boy, scared of women and all decent people, and our Just Anger. Never again!!!

  6. Francisco Bacopa says

    You forgot the 3rd set of Castro brothers, the twins from Texas at he DNC on keynote night. One of them will be President in not too long.

    But seriously, false flag?

    Two years ago I wouldn’t have believed anyone could say such a thing. Now I find it entirely unsurprising.

  7. daniellavine says

    “False flag” has become a very popular phrase. Mostly among perpetual adolescents ranting to all the internet about chemtrails.

    My bet on the next bizarre conspiracy theory: femtrails.

  8. Lyanna says

    Oh, these anti-feminist/MRA types have no shame. Recently I had the pleasure of discovering Ernest Belfort Bax, an early 20th century misogynist who claimed–in 1908!–that women were “privileged” over men, that women oppressed men.

    In 1908.

    (WIkisource has a link to his ‘argument’ if you’re curious).

    So is it any wonder that these anti-feminists look at a situation where three women have been tortured for years, and consider it a tragedy for men?

  9. says

    Who thinks up shit like this? I could not possibly have created a fictional self-involved jackass like this one — I don’t have the imagination. I’ve met paranoids before but this guy takes the cake, platter and tablecloth. Wow, the world really does revolve around this guy, doesn’t it?

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