1. says

    Sorry, but I HATE those big mics hiding people’s faces. I HATE it. And I have to shoot (photos!) people in this situation all the time. That..bottle(?) is good in itself, but it polutes the image too. The glass is ok. #ashooterscritique

  2. Gretchen Robinson says

    your audience and viewers want to see your face and hands and body language. Next time hope that the mikes are tiny and clutter pushed aside. We’ve never met in person so I want to see what you are like. I suspect I’m not alone.

    Besides you have a lovely face and presence. Why be ashamed of that. I have wrinkles, too. They are a badge of all the sh– I’ve waded through and come out on the other side. I wouldn’t go back a day. Anyone who would attack you/your looks is no friend. You wouldn’t want to talk to them anyway.

  3. says

    Why be ashamed of what? I didn’t say I was ashamed of anything.

    I think people could see, especially since after the first couple of sessions a screen was added because there were big pillars blocking the view from much of the room. It’s just that people taking pictures didn’t always get a clear shot.

  4. Ulysses says

    “Now this side of the microphone has a chocolate flavor, possibly chocolate with mint. Next I’ll try the top of the microphone which smells like it might be coffee or mocha flavored.”

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