But it’s so adorable

Brilliant new plan in campaign to convince everyone everywhere that abortion is terrible and forbidden: distribute little rubber fetus dolls to high school students.

What could possibly go wrong?

Many students pulled the dolls apart, tearing the heads off and using them as rubber balls or sticking them on pencil tops. Others threw dolls and doll parts at the “popcorn” ceilings so they became stuck. Dolls were used to plug toilets. Several students covered the dolls in hand sanitizer and lit them on fire. One or more male students removed the dolls’ heads, inverted the bodies to make them resemble penises, and hung them on the outside of their pants’ zippers.



  1. Claire Ramsey says

    Every time a plastic non-baby is broken apart one thousand kitties dance on the head of a pin.

  2. quixote says

    Hey, PZ, give those kids a break. They were just trying to make sure the partial-dolls didn’t exceed the size of a high school student’s free speech rights.

  3. stevenbelgium says

    I just love this story. So funny.

    If they really wanted to reduce abortions there is of course something else made of rubber they could hand out.

  4. says

    that’s kind of hilariously awesome. because what else could you possibly do with rubber fetuses that’s at all useful, if not mutilate them and use them for mayhem? 😀

  5. carlie says

    I’m kind of heartened by the fact that the kids saw these for the pieces of crap they are.

  6. jmb says

    Honestly, the “Dead Baby” jokes just write themselves. Were these people never high school students themselves?

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