Teasing Reverend Warren

I’m being Twitter-mean to Rick Warren. Well not really mean – I’m not calling him ugly or anything. But I’m teasing the crap out of something he said. Wull it was silly.

Rick Warren

Christians founded America. Ever since, Presidents (& most offices) take their oath with their hand on God’s Word #TheBible

My teasings.

And NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE. We always do all the things exactly the way we always have done them.

Travel, medicine, architecture, communication, race relations, lighting – all, all done the same way forever.

So if somebody did something one way a few centuries ago (they didn’t, but never mind) END OF STORY.

How to do everything, according to Rick Warren. The way they did. Back then. #simple

No, blood-sucking zombies founded America, so we have to do WHAT THEY DID.

If bats had founded America, would you tell us to roost upside down during the day and hunt for insects at night?

Amazingly, he hasn’t replied.


  1. jenniferphillips says

    He can’t possibly have a comeback for the bat remark. I’m sure he’s praying for you, though. And googling your name thinking, “Yes, actually, God DOES hate women”. 🙂

  2. Aratina Cage says

    Even back then they used the Bible to beat heretics over the head with. Or bat wings if it was indeed bats who founded America.

  3. says

    And NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE. We always do all the things exactly the way we always have done them.

    Indeed. As a non-USAian I’m rather indifferent to arguments over the exact intent of the Founding Fathers and the significance of “….endowed by their Creator….” language. The FFs thought about a *lot* of things differently than we do — because most or all eighteenth century people thought differently than we do (even including the ones who seem to think we’re not allowed to think any different than they did). We’ve had *new* ideas and *better* ideas during the past two centuries, and we can do things *better* than they did, and it doesn’t matter how “Biblically-based” the US or Canada or the UK or any other country used to be (if indeed they ever were, outside of the pseudo-history of the Dave Barton crowd), we can change that, and believe it or not the sky won’t fall and the seas won’t rise in wrath to engulf us.

  4. Rodney Nelson says

    God’s Word #TheBible

    I didn’t know Wotan and Vishnu were involved in writing the Bible.

  5. Rain says

    “We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”

    Yeah, that’s a quote from Rick Warren. Just when I thought I had caught him contradicting himself, and refuting his own fallacy, I then read the next sentence, which was, “God’s purpose is not limited by your past.”

    So it turns out he was special pleading God out of it, and actually doubling down on the fallacies. So yeah, context does matter. Always read quotes for context.

  6. says

    The first president was a slave owner, so maybe they should all have some slaves.
    They should be humane though, and leave it in their will that they should be freed after the presidents or his widow’s death.

  7. Kate says

    Quite frankly I don’t think an insignificant number of their lot would be all that averse to reinstating slavery.

  8. thebookofdave says

    Be gentle, Ophelia. Rick Warren is only used to dealing with submissive wymmins (Christians founded that, too).

  9. Doubting Thomas says

    He probably read what you said and concluded that you were agreeing with him. He missed the sarcasm entirely.

  10. Deepak Shetty says

    but but but they didnt have a USA when Jesus was around so we should dissolve the countryEND OF STORY.

  11. says

    Just thought I’d point out that neither the Saddleback Church, of which Rick Warren is a pastor, nor the denomination to which he belongs existed at the time the USA was founded.

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