Secularism in Warsaw

Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland attended the annual OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) human rights meeting in Warsaw in Poland yesterday.

Ireland and Poland – both priest-ridden countries, to use Joyce’s phrase.

 …we will speak against blasphemy laws, religious oaths and the need for secular education. Atheist Ireland will also host a side meeting to highlight the need to respect the human rights of atheists and nonbelievers.

We believe that the western world is in danger of crossing a significant line in the historic battle for freedom of conscience and freedom of expression. We are in danger of conceding the step between the state respecting somebody’s right to believe what they want, and the state automatically respecting the content of the belief itself – and insisting by law that citizens do so also.

The Atheist Ireland delegation at the OSCE meeting is Michael Nugent, Chairperson Atheist Ireland; Prof David Nash, Oxford Brookes University UK, who is an expert on blasphemy laws; and Jane Donnelly, Education Policy Officer Atheist Ireland, who is an expert on secular education.

Good luck to them.


  1. Select says

    Ireland and Poland – both priest-ridden countries, to use Joyce’s phrase.

    That’s no longer true of either country.

    In Ireland in particular, you’re starting to see quite a few ‘reverts’ in hijabs.

  2. derrida says

    dont know the best spot to paste this
    so im gonna paste here

    b/c ireland is about as backwards as poland is

    Medical Symposium’s Findings that Abortion Never Necessary in “Life of the Mother” ‘Exceptions’ Substantiate Personhood Amendments in US

    what a bunch of bullshit
    a bunch of old men deciding whether or not a pregnant woman deserve to live or die

    makes me so angry

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