Fun and games in the LAPD – headline –

Woman dies after genital kick from LAPD officer

Huh. That can’t be right. Kicking women between the legs is just a joke, as any fule kno.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating at least five officers after one of them allegedly stomped on a woman’s genitals and she later died of suffocation.

Patrol car video camera captured a struggle between police and Alesia Thomas and several officers on July 22, according to the Los Angeles Times.

LAPD Cmdr. Bob Green admitted to the Times that a female officer had followed through with a threat to kick Thomas in the genitals when she resisted being put into the patrol car.

Oh well. I’m sure they’ll all see the funny side eventually.

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  1. says

    TO be fair, the kick doesn’t seem to be what killed him. I’m guessing someone sat on her or put her in a sleeper hold and didn’t put it in the report.

  2. julian says

    I’m guessing someone sat on her or put her in a sleeper hold and didn’t put it in the report.

    Something those lines.

    I hate seeing uniformed personnel act like this. You’re representing the U.S. government. Behave with some fucking professionalism. Don’t beat or harass the people you’re arresting. Jesus!

  3. soul_biscuit says

    You’re representing the U.S. government.

    Well, actually, they’re representing the government of the city of Los Angeles.

    But enough pedantry. Of course I share your disgust.

  4. John the Drunkard says

    Clearly, police are going to encounter hostile, frightened, intoxicated, deranged, or otherwize impaired people from time to time. It is scandalous that departments all over the US demonstrate that they have no techniques (except intimidation and violence) for getting such people into custody safely.

  5. EllenBeth Wachs says

    I posted this story on my facebook wall and had a man come on and BLAME THE VICTIM.

    I would think that the women in Afghanistan that were beheaded for listening to music deserve to live more than someone who gave up their kids. If you can’t support kids, you should take great measures not to have them let a lone ABANDON them. I have seen first hand what shitty parents can do to a kid. And it’s hard to say in my point of view if people like this are better off not damaging society let alone their kids and family members.

    She was to deserve no sympathy because of her alleged crime of “child abandonment.” While I think it is sad and horrible for this to have had to happen and don’t condone her actions, I believe the story said she left the children at the police station? It is sad that she felt she had no choice but to do this. I don’t know what drove her to it but she certainly didn’t deserve a “kick to the cunt” and she most certainly didn’t deserve the death penalty.

    Yeah, he is no longer in my friend list.

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