He battered her about the head

A squalid little story out of Manchester Crown Court.

A Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his 16-year old daughter after she refused to enter into an arranged marriage with her cousin has escaped jail.

Abid Hussain, 56, grabbed the neck of Rabiyah Abid and said: ‘If you don’t follow my rules I will kill you’ after she rejected his plans for her to wed.

Hussain also left the teenager in fear of her life as he battered her about the head at the family home above the mosque he runs at Longsight, Manchester.

A man of 56 assaulted a girl of 16. A father assaulted his daughter, after trying to force her to marry someone she didn’t want to marry.

At Manchester Crown Court yesterday Hussain was convicted of assault and making threats to kill. He admitted his daughter’s conduct had ‘brought shame’ on his family and caused him ‘mental torture’ but denied wrongdoing.

His two sons Nawab Uddin, 23, and Bahaud Uddin, 21 were also convicted of assaulting the teen.

Henry Blackshaw, prosecuting said Rabiyah lived in a ‘very male dominated, patriarchal household’ where she was left ‘exhausted’ by cooking and cleaning.

In accordance with Islamic tradition she had been ‘betrothed’ by her father to his sister’s son in Pakistan at just 15 years old.

In other words, “in accordance with Islamic tradition” her father had attempted to lay out the rest of his daughter’s life according to what he wanted, without consulting her or allowing her the right of refusal.

Her two brother knocked her around some too.

Abid Hussain received a suspended sentence of nine months suspended for 12 months, with 100 hours unpaid work.

Nawab Uddin received a suspended sentence of three months suspended for 12 months, with 100 hours unpaid work and a supervision order for 12 months.

Bahaud Uddin received three months suspended for 12 months, with 200 hours unpaid work.

All via the Daily Mail. Sorry to cite the Daily Mail, but I couldn’t find a single other source.


  1. Mansoor Khan says

    The Guardian,BBC,Independent have all deliberately censored this miscarriage of justice.The Daily Mail has been the only media channel willing to highlight the atrocities done by radical muslims in Britain,the rest of the media outlets are too scared to death of being called ”islamophobes” by the Muslim pressure groups.Shame on the British media for not speaking up for the rights of vulnerable women when the aggressors are Muslim men.
    This obsession with political correctness is destroying Britain.

  2. Abdul Moiz says

    So women’s rights are a good thing as long as the women are White? When the woman being attacked is muslim,than all the human rights champions go deadly quiet.Why do the Guardian,independent,BBC not fight for the rights of women when the perpetrators are Muslim.These double standards of the Western media are hurting Muslim women and Western society overall.

  3. says

    Religion is a vile, dangerous thing. That a man should get off for behaving like this just because he is a bloody religious idiot is shocking. A person who does vile things for religious reasons should be punished that much more severely, just to make it clear that religion is not a justification for any act, much less an antisocial one. We’ve got to get more down and dirty about the criticism of religion, because religion is getting more in your face by the day.

  4. Mal says

    Sorry, but it’s not just the ‘left wing’ press and the BBC that have ignored this story but also the other right papers like the telegraph, Sun, Express and all the local papers (Manchester Evening News?). I need some evidence before I believe in a conspiracy of the politically correct.

    I just hope the Judge told this father that it is he and his sons that are the disgrace. I hope his daughter has left home.

  5. says

    To be fair, a UK skeptic told me on Twitter that the sentence is quite normal for the UK.

    It could just be that the Mail trawls for this kind of thing more than the other papers do, and maybe for ugly reasons.

    But at the same time – maybe the other papers should be doing more trawling for this kind of thing, for better reasons.

    I’m not sure what to think. Maybe the case really doesn’t stand out among child abuse cases…or maybe it does, since “you refuse to marry your cousin when I tell you to” is such a shitty reason for fathers and brothers to bash a girl of 16.

  6. says

    “In accordance with Islamic tradition she had been ‘betrothed’ by her father to his sister’s son in Pakistan at just 15 years old.”

    What her father apparently did not add: ‘I am a Muslim not as a result of a conscious decision I made, nor even one my parents made, nor their ancestors for that matter. But none the less, you will marry who I tell you to. It’s the Islamic tradition.’

    Which is not great.

  7. Mal says


    I think you’re right to be suspicious about the Mail’s motives. It really represents the worst of the British. Ironically this can be seen in a current article about the attempt, by Danny Boyle in the Olympic Opening Ceremony, to depict the best.


    “The highlight was undoubtedly an hilarious sketch featuring the Queen and James Bond which saw her Majesty ‘parachute’ into the stadium.

    But it was the absurdly unrealistic scene – and indeed one that would spring from the kind of nonsensical targets and equality quotas we see in the NHS – showing a mixed-race middle-class family in a detached new-build suburban home, which was most symptomatic of the politically correct agenda in modern Britain.

    This was supposed to be a representation of modern life in England but it is likely to be a challenge for the organisers to find an educated white  middle-aged mother and black father living together with a happy family in such a set-up.

    Almost, if not every, shot in the next sequence included an ethnic minority performer. The BBC presenter Hazel Irvine gushed about the importance of grime music (a form of awful electronic music popular among black youths) to east London.

    This multicultural equality agenda was so staged it was painful to watch.

    And Conservative MP Aidan Burley was right to point out on Twitter that it was a load of ‘leftie multicultural c**p’. Yet predictably he has been castigated by Twitter’s Guadianista brigade.”

  8. says

    Ah, thanks, Bernard. Drat Google News then! I’ve been trusting it to include all reliable sources including local ones, and I guess that’s my mistake.

  9. aziraphale says

    We will no doubt be told that arranged marriages are a tribal tradition, not essentially a Muslim one. However, we can only judge a religion by what its best-informed and most faithful adherents (which, as a preacher, he must be presumed to be) actually do.

    If a 56-year-old man has not learned that he shouldn’t try to strangle his daughter, I have to wonder about the morality of his religion.

  10. hotshoe says

    I’m sorry to predict she won’t live out the year. Her brothers can see to that.

    I’m disturbed that the judge suspended the sentences despite noticing the recalcitrant attitude of the brothers. According to the DM article:

    Sentencing Bahaud Uddin, The judge said: ‘You deny these allegations and regard yourself as being wrongly convicted.
    ‘There’s concerns about your rigid thinking and the fact you seem to have no victim awareness or empathy.

    Yes, concerns, but not enough concern to lock up the three of them for a year to cool down. Where meanwhile, the daughter might have been able to leave her life of servitude, and find someplace safe to live before they got out. Now, who knows. It doesn’t appear that anyone will be looking out for her welfare in that family.

  11. Shaker Srinivasan says

    Left leaning liberals – academics, NGO’s, media, and politicians included – have a pathetic record on the issue of human rights violations around the globe when the perpetrators and victims are adherents of Islam. Be it apostasy, adultery, FGM, education, marriage, “honor” killings, or child marriage. Of course, women and children suffer the worst from this blatant refusal to recognize some of the most regressive of ideas espoused by this religion.

  12. says

    Shaker, the Daily Mail aren’t nice. They are a right wing newspaper that likes bashing muslims. They are incredibly biased. Their stance can be categorised as “Don’t Go Outside! It’s full of cancer, muslims and immigrants! If only we didn’t get rid of hanging and national service?”

    It’s a fear mongering rag for TOWIE (Jersey Shore british style) viewers. It literally trawls for such stories so that it’s readers can go “I knew them pakis were upto no good! Hey haji! I want a Chicken Vindaloo and Naan Bread!”. Okay maybe I am flogging a steroetype here. But this kind of behaviour is too common. The daily mail panders to it.

    It’s locally known as the Daily Fail. Or the Cancer Pages (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFfWykH05Gw&feature=related)

    There is a difference between speaking out against injustice and speaking out against people.

    Hotshoe, the daughter is not with the family anymore. She is in a safehouse and probably in a new part of the country now. It’s not like these guys are released and she is sent back to live with them. It’s that she and probably every other daughter has been taken in by the government for protection.

  13. hotshoe says

    Hotshoe, the daughter is not with the family anymore. She is in a safehouse and probably in a new part of the country now. It’s not like these guys are released and she is sent back to live with them.

    Oh, that’s wonderful news; thanks for letting us all know.

  14. says

    I can confirm that this sort of sentence is not all that unusual for common assault under English law and sentencing guidelines.

    The maximum penalty, after a lot of considerations have been taken into account, is six months imprisonment.

    A suspended sentence is by no means unusual or a massive misscarriage of justice if compared to any number of comparable common assault prosecutions in England.

    The Mail is, as pointed out, very well known for having an anti-Muslim slant. Which is presumably why they covered the story in the tone they did. They also have a history of calling for harsher punishments so in some ways this story is a perfect storm for them.

    Also worthy of note is that being a prominent and “respected” figure in any community in Britain (and elsewhere in fairness) is certainly something any competent defence lawyer will use to soften sentencing. Particularly in the case of a first offence.

    The Mail will be want to paint this in as negative light as possible. That it their editorial want. But the punishment they would likely want, a custodial sentence, was always unlikely.

  15. Mal says

    I know it’s off topic but FYI the Mail have now changed the article I linked to and quoted @9. It is now less overtly racist.

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