We won’t be silent

“If you have freedom of speech, please use your freedom to help someone else have theirs.”

Isn’t it time you spoke out?

“Think for yourself and let others enjoy that privilege too.” Voltaire.

Via Tarek Fatah



  1. 'Tis Himself says

    Islam must be an incredibly weak belief system if it can’t stand being insulted. Or is it only certain Muslims whose belief in Islam is so weak that it can’t stand being insulted?

  2. says

    Thank you for posting this. ‘Tis, while this may be mainly a Muslim issue today, it isn’t a Muslim issue at all. I don’t know a single Muslim who thinks that anyone should be punished or killed for believing something different than they do. Christians and Jews have slaughtered infidels many times, so clearly this is an Abrahamic Religion problem. But wait, many other religions have done this sort of thing at various levels too…

    This is Religion + Patriarchy + State = State Sponsored Homicide and Terror.

    (Terror against their own people, as in the police state, not terrorism as in crazy dickheads waving around their underwear.)

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