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The Southern Poverty Law Center reports on misogyny websites and blogs. It lists twelve of them, including In Mala Fide and the subreddit Men’s Rights.

In Mala Fide This blog, whose name translates from the Latin as “In Bad Faith,” describes itself in its mission statement as “[a]n online magazine dedicated to publishing heretical and unpopular ideas. Ideas that polite society considers ‘racist,’ ‘misogynistic,’ ‘homophobic,’ ‘bigoted’ or other slurs used to shut down critical thinking and maintain the web of delusions that keep our world broken and dying.” The unifying idea is this: “Feminism is a hate movement designed to disenfranchise and dehumanize men.” The site carries ads for such offerings as the HardKnight “male enhancement system,” PolishLasses (“Over 5,000 … candid photos”), and the racist 1922 classic The Revolt Against Civilization by Lothrop Stoddard.

Reddit: Mens Rights A “subreddit” of the user-generated news site Reddit, this forum describes itself as a “place for people who feel that men are currently being disadvantaged by society.” While it presents itself as a home for men seeking equality, it is notable for the anger it shows toward any program designed to help women. It also trafficks in various conspiracy theories. “Kloo2yoo,” identified as a site moderator, writes that there is “undeniable proof” of an international feminist conspiracy involving the United Nations, the Obama Administration and others, aimed at demonizing men.

A Voice for Men A Voice for Men is essentially a mouthpiece for its editor, Paul Elam, who proposes to “expose misandry [hatred of men] on all levels in our culture.” Elam tosses down the gauntlet in his mission statement: “AVfM regards feminists, manginas [a derisive term for weak men], white knights [a similar derisive term, for males who identify as feminists] and other agents of misandry as a social malignancy. We do not consider them well intentioned or honest agents for their purported goals and extend to them no more courtesy or consideration than we would clansmen [sic], skinheads, neo Nazis or other purveyors of hate.”, an affiliated website that vilifies women by name who have made supposedly false rape allegations (among other crimes against masculinity), is one of Elam’s signature “anti-hate” efforts. “Why are these women not in prison?” the site asks.

It’s all become so horribly familiar.




  1. sailor1031 says

    Ah the United Nations again. What would the crazies do if the UN did not exist? I’m curious though; is this UN conspiracy to “demonize men” part of their conspiracy to make half the world population gay (as recently revealed by a RCC bishop – so you know it must be true) or is it a separate conspiracy? Just asking…and where do the black helicopters fit in to all this?

  2. Ken Pidcock says

    Just read the description for The Counter Feminist. Man, you use words like disinfecting and cancer…If you want to be heard, stay away from the genocide lexicon.

  3. mnb0 says

    I just read the description of RooshV.

    “many of my bangs in the United States were hate fucks.”

    He should get the award.

  4. 'Tis Himself says

    All the misogyny sites I’ve seen don’t spend much if any effort actually advocating “men’s rights”. They’re much more involved with whining, denouncing, and complaining about women.

  5. smrnda says

    On the idea that women who make ‘false’ rape accusations should be in prison: this is a common ‘point’ made by the MRAs. If a man is put on trial for rape and is acquitted, the woman was lying and therefore is a criminal, according to them.

    The problem is that our legal system is based on the idea that one should only convict if guilt is proven “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is one reason why rape is a difficult crime to get a conviction on unless it’s a stereotypical ‘stranger jumping out of the bushes at night.’ “Not guilty” does not really imply “must be innocent” – just that there exists enough doubt that the jury is hesitant to convict. It’s an ‘err on the side of not guilty’ philosophy and I think that is traced back to Maimonides, who said that it’s better to let 100 guilty people free than convict one innocent person.

    So, my response to Elam’s ‘why are these women not in prison’ is you can’t put a woman in PRISON for making a ‘false rape claim’ just because you didn’t get a conviction of the rapist. “Not guilty” is not equivalent to “the other person is lying” since our justice system is (supposed) to be rigged in favor of not guilty even if only a slight doubt exists. You’d have to prove, beyond all reasonable doubt, that there is NO WAY a rape could have taken place, and I’d argue that just the fact that sex took place is enough grounds for doubting that no rape took place.

    Men’s Rights Activists are pathetic losers who can be big and tough on the internet, making up for how small and insignificant they are in real life. They’re bitter pills, and it’s funny, if you ever accuse one of being that they’ll give you an angry ALL CAPS “HOW DO YOU KNOW I’M NOT THE HAPPIEST PERSON BLAH BLAH” response. These are men who can’t handle a world where women have some level of equality, and like bullies they can’t stand a world where an increasing number of men side against patriarchy.

    And civilization is in decline? Because of feminism? What, was the world better back in the Dark Ages?

    I was going to ask how these people square away their belief that men are persecuted with reality, but it seems they have just decided to ignore reality.

  6. Brigadista says

    All these disadvantaged men and marginalised religionists – it would appear that a theme is developing.

  7. dirigible says

    a “place for people who feel that men are currently being disadvantaged by society.”

    /r/morons ?

  8. mnb0 says

    There is research showing that about 10% of the accusations are false – I recently had one at my school. And false accusations are criminal indeed.
    Stressing this 10% to play down the other 90% makes Elam even a bigger asshole, if you ask me.

    “When a woman walks down a crowded sidewalk in revealing clothing, she is forcing herself on every man nearby.”

    Yeah, and if I visit a random supermarket the owner is forcing himself on me, the thief I am.

    “they have just decided to ignore reality.”
    Spot on.

  9. eric says

    I must admit, reading the first sentence of that first site got me intrigued. Are they publishing articles from around the world that were banned in their countries of origin? What a good idea! Too bad that isn’t what they are doing, that site might have been useful.

  10. says

    The second [first] quote is from the link provided by Nathan btw.

    Er, and just so it’s clear, I didn’t say it. I was quoting an MRA.

  11. says

    All violent crimes (rape is no different) have roughly the same rate of false reports, around 5%, only floating higher during periods of ‘moral panic’ (people here may recall the ‘recovered memory’ controversy, which led to many false allegations of child sexual abuse).

    Non-violent crimes have higher rates of false reporting, often for depressing reasons; allegations of drug use, for example, are often used to get rid of tenants who are dirty or who annoy other residents. This is especially so in council properties in the UK where it can be difficult to evict people for the standard, private rental reasons (dirty, noisy, multiple dogs, etc).

    The presumption of innocence is Roman, and it is the Roman jurist Ulpian everyone unknowingly paraphrases when they point out that a finding of not guilty does not equal ‘innocent’. It just means that SPQR/People/Crown/HM Advocate/etc could not discharge the evidential onus (the prosecutor must prove) to the required standard (beyond reasonable doubt).

    Interestingly, the Roman method of securing rape convictions was to remove the mens rea for rape. The woman only had to show (such as to raise a reasonable belief) she did not consent; what the man reasonably believed at the time was irrelevant.

    The MRAs should stick that in their pipe and smoke it, because that really would send rape conviction rates through the roof; AFAIK only Sweden currently uses this definition of rape, and Sweden has unusually high rape conviction rates (other countries are considering reintroducing it, though, including France and Scotland).

  12. says

    That’s interesting…One of our many cop&lawyer shows did a bit about that the other day – a john who had solicited an underage girl. The defense lawyer kept trying to ask her if the john had known how old she was, and the judge kept telling him to stop. “Find another way,” she ended up saying sternly. I wasn’t sure why, but guessed that maybe there is no mens rea with statutory rape.

  13. says

    Actually, there are quite a lot of false rape convictions – and virtually none of them are due to women lying. They’re due to genuine mistaken identity and/or police railroading of the nearest black guy they can find. Project Innocence is full of these stories – and these people, who investigate false rape accusations all the time and know what they’re talking about, don’t blame the women.

  14. says

    The motion picture follows the vampire Lestat (performed by Tom Cruise) and his associate Louis de Pointe du Lac (played by Brad Pitt) via generations of pain and struggling as everlasting creatures of darkness.

  15. BonafideMRA says

    “Very little formal research has been conducted on the prevalence of false allegations of rape. One study looked at the 109 cases of forcible rape that were disposed of in one small midwestern town between 1978 and 1987 (Kanin, 1994). The given town was specifically selected for study because the police department used a uniquely objective and thorough protocol when investigating rape complaints. Among other procedural safeguards, officers did not have the discretion to drop rape investigations if they concluded the complaint was “suspect” or unfounded. Every rape accusation had to be thoroughly investigated and included offering a polygraph to both the accuser and the accused. Cases were only determined to be false if and when the accuser admitted that no rape occurred.

    The researchers further investigated those cases that the police, through their investigation, had ultimately determined were “false” or fabricated. During the follow-up investigation, the complainants held fast to their assertion that their rape allegation had been true, despite being told they would face penalties for filing a false report. As a result, 41% of all of the forcible rape complaints were found to be false. To further this study, a similar analysis was conducted on all of the forcible rape complaints filed at two large midwestern public universities over a 3-year period. Here, where polygraphs were not offered as part of the investigatory procedure, it was found that 50% of the complaints were false.”

    Here you go some actual facts for you people. I am sure you are the same people that would argue that men cannot be victims of Domestic Violence and would even disagree with the 2010 CDC study that showed men actually make up over half of all victims of domestic violence. Or perhaps your part of the group that beleives that women should be able to have consentual sex with a man and then remove her consent the next day and claim rape for the previously consented night of sex.

    You people disgust me. Nobodies claims are valid but your own.

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