1. Josh Slocum says

    Yes! My daffodils are in full glorious bloom. My garlic and scallions are three inches high, too. Must get on sowing the rest of the herbs and veggies for my kitchen garden. My philosophy is to grow the expensive stuff—cilantro, dill, broccoli rabe, mesclun—and don’t bother with shit like zucchini and carrots, which all taste the same as from the store and are cheap besides. Oh, and tomatoes must be grown too.

    Come have dinner at my house Ophelia!

  2. GordonWillis says

    You should come further south. They’re all over the place here. Almost over, actually. Narcissi next. And bluebells.

  3. Jeff Sherry says

    Up above the Ohio Valley just south of Wheeling, dafodils and trees are blooming. The first small white cabbage butterflys were winging through the air last week. I’ve spotted blue herons and turkey vultures in this early spring season.

  4. Brian says

    My coconuts don’t know it, but the difficult time of year begins…and one of my bananas is flowering, stupid plant! I told it to wait till spring. A pineapple is almost ripe and the frangipanis are still flowering in the greenhouse. Frost are only a couple of months away….could be worse could live in a really cold place.

  5. Dr_Enzyme says

    You were a bit early – that’s all. Daffs are just emerging in the People’s Republic of Mancunia about now.

  6. Brian says

    Dafodils and the like emerge late Chez Ophelia? Usually they emerged (if memory serves) in August downunder. Which would be the equivalent of February I think. And the gloom in that picture reminds me of a July day. Plus the lack of leaves on the imported trees….

  7. h. hanson says

    My daffs are just starting to get buds but we are closer to the Cascades. I had crocus, hellebores snowdrops and violets but alas, I have a new pup that bites off the flower heads. This morning I woke up to more snow. My sheep look depressed and the horses are moping. We all need spring.

  8. otrame says

    And please note, those are wild flowers. And they are just the beginning of the display. Assorted Paints, and Blankets, thistle poppies, winecups, other phlox-ish plants, Black-eyed Susans, horsemint, and dozens of others will be here in wave after wave and this will be a great year because we had an unusually wet winter. Texas politics may suck, but we do wild flowers like nobody else.

  9. Dana Hunter says

    I should really take you on a field trip to see our wildflowers this summer. Then you won’t be as jealous. Quite. 🙂

  10. hm says

    You all have spring flowers (I’m jealous). I just had a snow in the pacific northwest – at least in Vancouver, BC.

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