Sahara TV on Helen Ukpabio

Sahara TV talks to Pastor Godwin Umotong of Liberty Gospel Church in Houston about the “deliverance” mission of Helen Ukpabio.

Where are the mermaids, by the way? Are they in the Gulf of Mexico?


  1. says

    Helen Ukpabio is one of the most evil people on the planet. If I had anything to do with it she would be locked up and the key thrown away. People like this pastor a disgusting liar.

  2. Tony says

    -I’m completely with you. To see pictures of what she’s done to children just…I find it so vile, so abominable, that it’s difficult for me to maintain my opposition to capital punishment for Helen Ukpabio.

  3. Brian M says

    This creature should not be given a visa. What an evil, evil person.

    The sad thing is how many American Christians believe in the same tripe. A Demon Haunted World, indeed 🙁

  4. Sergio says

    hahahaha i love this woman damn she did a verbal and intellectual bitch slap to this ass hole and his crazy religion.
    Nothing but scapegoating children with his friends in order to sucker fools out of big monies


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