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Vyckie Garrison on the Duggars and baby #20

It’s a woman’s chance for martyrdom.

In her book, The Way Home, Beyond Feminism and Back To Reality, Quiverfull proponent Mary Pride explains that mothers who risk their lives for the sake of building the Kingdom of God are to be honored the same as missionaries:

“Routinely we send missionaries off to work in unsavory climates, knowing full well that they will probably come down with amoebic dysentery, be overheated (or frozen), receive inadequate medical care in second-rate hospitals, and on the average live ten years less than other people. But we don’t tell people not to be missionaries. Instead, we commend missionaries for their courage.

“Missionaries go to foreign countries to beget new Christians; mothers get pregnant to be beget new Christians. Even if maternal missionary work has some hazards (and what missionary work doesn’t?), the noble way is to face them with courage. Likewise, we really ought to honor women with medical problems … diabetes, asthma, quadriplegia, arthritis, heart problems … who are willing to serve God with their bodies as mothers.  These are the unsung heroines of the modern church.”

Not all that unsung: TLC is singing like a canary.

SIMOTI » « A hero


  1. d cwilson says

    Give me a break. She’s not having baby #20 to build the “Kingdom of God”. She’s doing it to keep the series going.

  2. julian says

    She’s not having baby #20 to build the “Kingdom of God”.

    Oh yes she is. That’s something Quiverfull mothers are generally very open about. They have more and more children to create more and more Christians. It’s not exactly something they try to hide.

  3. John Morales says

    Foolish, they are; they’re making children, not Christians.

    (Indoctrination can be overcome)

  4. magistramarla says

    I had five babies (and enjoyed it) and I brought five skeptics into the world. I wonder what that author would think of me?

  5. Kate from Iowa says

    That you have devoted your life to Satan and the reason that you only have five skeptic babies is because you ate the thirteen christian ones.

  6. kraut says

    So, mothers beget children not for their own sake,…nooo, that cannot be allowed, they are predestined to become christian….and if they don’t turn out right we force them to their luck or they die??

    That sounds suspiciously like Hitler telling the German mothers to breed warriors and upright Nazis, like Stalin telling the Russian mothers to breed good communists…what is the difference?
    None, an ideology to which the children will get sacrificed to. And not to develop into independently thinking human beings.

  7. brettvk says

    Math is hard on fantasies. The larger the family, the greater the chance that at least one Duggar child will be gay. Each succeeding pregnancy increases the chance that the child will be born with one or more disabilities — even if Michelle and Jim Bob have the one-size-fits-all dismissal of “Gawd won’t let that happen, but if it does it’s Gawd’s will and we [and the kid] deserve it.”

    And the continuing forced servitude of the daughters to maintain their parents’ peculiar hobby will hopefully inspire one or more of the girls to break out of the prison prepared for them. The commenters at Television Without Pity used to root for Jinger as the first escapee, on the grounds that she’d been most insulted by a stupid name for Jim Bob’s aggrandisement.

  8. says

    Mothers. Do. Not. Beget. Children.

    And if they’re sending missionaries off to “beget Christians”——hmmm, that would explain a lot of misbehavior, wouldn’t it.

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  11. John Morales says

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    (Their existence is offensive, and you taking action would please me)

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