No billboard for YOU

Mid Ohio Atheists had a contract with Lind Media Company for two billboards (of the atheist variety, of course). At the last minute Lind Media Company dropped Mid Ohio Atheists a line to say “Oops we changed our minds sorry thx bye.”

No fair.

 Granted, if I were putting up an atheist billboard in Ohio I would start smaller than that. I would start with something it’s easier to defend on a billboard*. But Lind Media Company shouldn’t string them along and then go “ha ha HA ha” at the last second.

 See that one’s much better. Less dogmatic. Easier to defend. Also offering solidarity in place of a scolding or command. Better billboard material. But either way Lind Media Company shouldn’t play nasty tricks.

*I said that before I saw the churchy billboards that Lind Media is happy to display. I take it back.



  1. Scote says

    I thought the billboard made sense since it uses the exact wording that a church billboard used. Seems like it ought to be pretty hard to reject since to do so is to reject it based on who the customer is not on the wording. Rejecting it is pretty indefensible on that basis.

  2. Sili says

    Are the Christian billboards equally ugly?

    I have to agree with PeeZed that it’s odd that most of these posters look like they’ve been made in paint by a trained monkey someone’s nephew.

  3. says

    Scote, you’re right about the church billboards. I hadn’t seen those when I wrote the post (yes, I was rushing, plus there’s this jackhammer going…); I’ll have to correct myself.

  4. twotif says

    Is it possible to start an atheist or non-theist TV Network? Would the FCC even allow such a thing these days? There simply has GOT to be a way to get our message of rational thought and oppressive discrimination out to the masses. The masses who aren’t seeking it out.

    We MUST find a way to create a broadcast network or channel that everyday people are able to stumble upon without trying to. Surely there’s someone out there who has the resources to get such a thing underway. I would be happy to donate my money, my time and my effort to help facilitate such a thing, and I don’t think I’m alone.

    Does anyone who may know of such a thing have a link or any information at all about anything like that?

    We’ve GOT to do SOMETHING!!

  5. Caravelle says

    It seems you missed the most relevant bit – I’m a bit surprised actually since I think I first heard of it on this site. The first billboard (the one you “wouldn’t start with”) is actually a verbatim copy of a religious billboard that’s up in the area; the only difference is the design and the “” bit instead of “Church of” or whatever organization put up the other billboard.

    IIRC that’s what inspired Ohio atheists to put up billboards in the first place – they weren’t even considering the idea, until they got people congratulating them on a billboard they hadn’t even put up.

  6. Caravelle says

    (actually I’m seeing Scote said the exact same thing, but given the religious billboards you put in the update don’t include the identical one in question I’ll assume some emphasis can’t hurt)

  7. Stonyground says

    The first billboard shown here was indeed copied from a badly worded church billboard that had the opposite meaning to the one intended. I don’t suppose that it was Lind Media who hosted the original church one, if it was, Mid Ohio Atheists would surely have them over a barrel*

    I love the way that the hysterical reactions to these posters not only make the atheist case that the religious are completely unable to defend their beliefs but also ensure global publicity for a local ad. campaign.

    *Not sure if this figure of speech is known across the Atlantic. It sort of means that they are completely in your power. I think that the origin of the term might have something to do with naval canings.


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