Mona Eltahawy on her arrest in Tahrir Square

They beat her, they sexually assaulted her, they called her a whore – whore whore whore, over and over.


  1. Grace says

    Mona Elthaway is an incredibly brave and strong woman. This is just horrible. My heart goes out to her.

    This happend to another female journalist in Egypt, Lara Logan. I hope Mona does not have to deal with her fellow journalists calling her the same names her attackers did, like Laura Logan. Perhaps Dan Rottenberg is going to crawl out from under his rock and write another editorial on “naive” women.

  2. says

    Mona’s a rock.

    I’ve talked with her a little at Facebook, which is one reason I don’t agree with people who think Facebook is completely ridiculous and stupid.

    It’s upsetting that her parents’ worry gets to her – I mean, upsetting because it’s so horrible for all of them.

  3. Grace says

    Facebook can be stupid and it can be great, it’s what you do with it I guess. I’m glad Mona was finally freed. She has my deepest admiration for being such an amazing and fearless journalist.

  4. Francisco Bacopa says

    The injuries to her hands on her forearms are what medical examiners call “defensive injuries”. Looks like she has minor fractures in both arms.

    She held out long enough for her assailants to come to their senses and respect her credentials and citizenship. Other women have been much less fortunate.

    Please understand that I do not mean to minimize what Eltahawy when I say it could have been worse. She was beaten and sexually assaulted. That’s plenty traumatic. And yes, it’s still sexual assault even if no penetration occurred, as it seems was the case from this interview.

    It gives me hope that most of the military police Eltahawy encountered were helpful. I also hope that those who treated her as badly as they did will be held accountable.

    To anyone who who might go to Occupy General Assemblies, get up there and propose a resolution in support of Egypt. Occupy Houston and Occupy Austin have staged two small demonstrations in support of the Egyptian people at the Consulate in Houston.

  5. says

    Francisco, indeed, Mona made that point herself, with much emphasis – she said what happened to her is just the tip of the iceberg and that she has a lot of factors that protect her, unlike countless others.

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