Their dominion mandate

Update: Vyckie said this link is better: a little longer and more pics.

Hey lookit – The Herald Scotland talked to Vyckie Garrison and Libby Anne. The rebellion against Quiverfull is getting out there.

“There’s a lot of fear among evangelicals right now,” says Garrison. “The more fearful evangelicals become, the more they retreat and start home schooling, and that is where they’re going to encounter Quiverfull ideals.

“Families are taught that getting into powerful institutions is part of their dominion mandate. They get internships at state level, get involved in political campaigns and in the justice system. That’s the whole point of having all these sons: to have an influence on policy and reclaim the country for God.”

Patrick Henry College in Virginia, the headquarters of the conservative Christian Home School Legal Defence Association, sent more interns to the George W Bush White House than any other institution. Republican presidential front-runner Rick Perry has close ties to evangelical group Vision Forum through multi-millionaire campaign contributor Jim Leininger.

This country is just crazy. Deranged, mad, nuts, barking.


  1. ginistonic says

    Yes, barking mad is the correct description. How sad that I know some if these folks and there is no way I can get it across the them that they are deluded.

  2. Grendels Dad says

    I’m sure someone will be happy to tell you that you have it all wrong. These people are only taking metaphorical internships and jobs.


  3. Ken Pidcock says

    “I watched families break apart all around me as I was growing up. The sad part is that once the kids leave, the parents who are so indoctrinated reject them. My mother immediately rejected me when I left.”

    That just underscores the extent to which religion poisons everything. Just imagine being so bound to an ideology that you would reject your children for rejecting it. That is mental slavery. Hell, I think I could have become a satanist or an Orthodox monk and have expected the love of my parents to be undiminished.

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