He had to wash his hair that day

So, did things get a little too hot for Bush? Did he suddenly remember some brush that needed cutting? Did he have that bad dream about the cops knocking on the door the way they did to Kissinger that time?

Next week’s appearance by former U.S. president George W. Bush at an event hosted by a local evangelical Christian university has been cancelled.

The decision came Wednesday, the same day three former students launched a petition urging the university to cancel the speech. On Tuesday, a class valedictorian and professor publicly spoke out against the appearance following the resignation of another staff member.

Bush was scheduled to speak Sept. 20 to about 150 people at an invitation-only breakfast hosted by Tyndale University College and Seminary, home to about 1,400 students at two campuses in Toronto’s north end.

Toronto, you see. To-ron-to. It’s in Ca-na-da. That’s a-no-ther coun-try. It’s outside the US. Bush has compelling reasons not to go to places that are outside the US.


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Here’s part of the letter that went with the petition concerning Bush’s appearance at Tyndale:

    I think any kind of professional relationship with George W Bush and all he represents is a complete lack of Christian character. It promotes hate and oppression to all those who have been affected by him both in North America and on an international scale. To attempt to pass his presence as merely promoting free speech is a cop-out. The thought of using such a man for the stated sake of “raising the school’s profile” at an invite only, elitist breakfast made me sick. I would have no problem having Bush speak or engaging in constructive dialogue about a variety of issues, but this isn’t about free speech. The issue here is having him publicly associate himself with a school that should be primarily associated with kingdom values.

    The objection to Bush is that he isn’t Christian enough.

  2. says

    Toronto, you see. To-ron-to. It’s in Ca-na-da. That’s a-no-ther coun-try. It’s outside the US. Bush has compelling reasons not to go to places that are outside the US.

    Yes. Although he did make an appearance in Toronto a few years back, right after his Presidency mercifully ended. He was debating President Clinton. Can’t remember what the topic was(not that it matters).

    However, I do recall there were protests and calls for a citizens arrest at the time.

    Perhaps Bush had to be reminded of that event, and that it took place in the same city/country, before he bailed this time around.

    That scenario doesn’t seem far-fetched to me.

    After all, Bush did often struggle making connections between events and places as President, especially in his foreign policy decisions.

  3. sailor1031 says

    “The objection to Bush is that he isn’t Christian enough.”

    Well that’s true enough in my opinion, although the objection was also to him as an evil person – again true! I never believed Bush was a christian any more than I believed he was a recovered alcoholic (remember his escapades at the Olympic games in China?). Going back as far as his early political career in texas, he was never more than a cynical manipulator of the right-wing christian vote. (That’s also when he became a “bubba”. Before that he had the same accent as the rest of his family).
    Remember that Bush would entertain the fundies at the white house regularly and then he, rove and others of the neocon clique would mock them after they had gone? Nah! he ain’t no christian…he’s just a better actor than reagan was……

  4. AlanMacandCheese says

    George W has a little problem with entering Canada… His 1976 DUI charge.

    …he was arrested for driving under the influence on Labor Day weekend in 1976, near his family home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

    According to Canada’s Criminal Code, Bush is deemed an “inadmissible” person, in violation of Section 19 (2) (a.1) of the Immigration Act of Canada.

    In other words, he has committed a crime considered an indictable offense in Canada…

    Maybe…maybe not..but to enter Canada he had/has to jump through a lot of hoops.

  5. daveau says

    It’s not just that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld had people tortured. It’s also that they are so damn righteous about it, and brag that they’d do it again. I would love to see indictments come down from the Hague.

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