Video: Susan Jacoby at the Women in Secularism conference

Susan Jacoby had the difficult task of taking on the 8:30am slot during the Women in Secularism conference…and she rocked it. It’s a long talk, but worth the time:

One of my favorite parts was when she talks about how some men have responded when people ask why more women aren’t involved with secularism… “Because women are stupid” they told her. We looked around the Women in Secularism conference wryly, wondering why the audience was mostly women. Obviously using the same logic, it’s because men are just stupid.

Pro-tip: That logic is terribly wrong.

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  1. E.A. Blair says

    <blockquote"That logic is terribly wrong."Unfortunately, it’s a point of logic that many women still cling to.

  2. Jim Baerg says

    Interesting talk. Particularly the bit about how Elizabeth Cady Stanton was marginalized.

    I was a bit disappointed the Women in Secularism Conference was on the same weekend as the Imagine No Religion 2 Conference in Kamloops B.C. Although the later did have a few female speakers, eg: Maryam Namazie, Desiree Schell, there might have been more without the schedule conflict.

    It was a lot easier for me to get to Kamloops than Washington D.C.

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  3. says

    I know my comment is late, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. Susan Jacoby is one of my favorite writers. I was busy with other things during the blogathon, but I made a point of saving this post in my feed reader to watch the video later, and I’ve just now gotten around to it.

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