It’s disco time

I just convinced Sean to put on disco music to keep me awake. I’m staying alive, staying alive, etc.

…Not gonna lie, disco is a huge guilty pleasure for me. I love it. I blame my parents. When they were dating they would go disco dancing all the time, and their musical preferences were what I grew up with. …Which also explains my inexplicable love for Huey Lewis and Bob Seger.

We’ve just determined Heart of Glass by Blondie is the missing link between disco and 80s music. Just so you know.

But yeah, I fucking love disco music. Bee Gees, ABBA, Earth Wind & Fire… it’ll instantly make me want to dance. That explains my love for the Scissor Sisters, who I finally get to see in concert this Tuesday!

…And I realized there is absolutely no point to this post, so I’m going to go back to dancing. The ten minute long version of Disco Inferno just came on.

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  1. Emily says

    I love the Scissor Sisters! I remember the first time I heard “I Can’t Decide” on Dr Who and flipped. LOVE.

  2. Lynda M O says

    Disco music has some of the best rhythm of all time. Heart of Glass is a great song. Love Abba; I’m not dancing but my heart understands you completely.

  3. Joe d says

    I love your posts… But please, never ever ever mention Blondie and dis… I can’t ven bring myself to type it. Let’s just call it the “D” word… Never ever mention Blondie and the “D” word in the same sentence.. I do secretly enjoy the occasional Abba song once in a while though.

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