I’m on a boat

A skeptical boat, that is.

This is the cover of The Humanist for their story “Getting Real: A Look at the New Skepticism.” It’s a large article featuring a number of different types of skeptical activism, and I made my way onto the boat because there are a couple of paragraphs about boobquake.

…Yeah, all white people, three women. I’m not going to say anything else other than I love this comment at Friendly Atheist:

“All the other women are in the lower level having a beer and discussing their tactics for world domination. Give them a break for Pete’s sake.”


  1. Reginald Selkirk says

    Should Paul Kurtz and James Randi be worried? Everyone else on the upper deck is dead.

  2. neXus says

    There are two people I don’t recognize: the bald gent next to Mr Shermer, and whoever is in the snorkeling mask.

  3. Utakata says

    You seem to be stuck behind the person who views certain women he has issues with as *bleeps*. If where my cover, I would least have you holding a large blunt instrument aimed towards noggin. Just saying.

  4. Reginald Selkirk says

    The other bald guy next to Michael Shermer is George Hrab.
    I’m not sure about the guy who’s about to get run over, but maybe it’s Jesus.

  5. Utakata says

    That would be a little more difficult to animate on a static cover. A blunt instrument looming Jillette’s nogging would resonate better with the audience as opposed “Why is he desperately flailing to keep his head above water at the bottom of the cover?” Unless you could in someway innocently portray Jen as the potential perpetrator.

  6. Rieux says

    …Yeah, all white people….

    Well, the monkey’s sort of gray.

    So is Chuck Darwin, for that matter.

  7. christophburschka says

    Shouldn’t he be walking instead of diving? :P

    A lot of familiar faces, though I only recognize about two out of three. Embarrassingly, I don’t even know all three of the women, and there are too few of them as it is: Who’s standing in front of Jen? I think I’ve seen her face on some blog or Twitter feed…

  8. F says

    Considering there is essentially two of them, just bang their heads together. It’s a classic move.

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