How to get people to quit using homeopathic medicine

From SMBC:Come on Zach, you know this is wrong. The process of dilution is obviously very important in how the water molecules establish memory. It not just about decreasing the frequency of something. You must do the right water magi-er, mechanisms. Mechanisms. Or something.

Now, if we threw all of the homeopaths in the ocean…

Meta Blogging Moment: I had a little buffer time, so I was checking my webcomics. I noticed the newly updated SMBC was not, in fact, this SMBC. I suddenly couldn’t remember how I found this particular comic. Did I click a link on twitter? No. Did someone email me it? No. Was it on facebook? No. I was convinced I had finally lost my mind. Why in the world would I choose a random old SMBC comic to blog about in the middle of the night, when I had no prompting to look up something about homeopathy?

Then my friend IMed me again, and I realized he had sent me the link.

Sleep, I needz you. I needz you now.

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  1. breadbox says

    Throw homeopaths into the ocean? Good grief, what a terrible thing to say. Even in jest. I suppose I can chalk this up to your sleep-deprived state, but even so. As someone who holds everyone else to high standards, I find this comment rather hypocritical.To set the record straight: the homeopaths should be succussed against a wooden striking board covered with leather and horse hair on one side.

  2. PDX_Greg says

    It bothers me that a homeopathic treatment for gullibility would only cure the patient if they believed in it.

  3. PDX_Greg says

    Good night, fearless blogathoner.   Just finished my weekend work and need to get up early and rally my wife and our sons to the lower slopes of Mt Hood tomorrow for a picnic.  Good luck with your goals!   I now go to sleep, but don’t be jealous — my alarm is set for 3.5 hours from now.

  4. Jeremy Carroll says

    Would it be unethical for me to sell regular tap water labeled as homeopathic remedies without going though all the bothersome steps, like of dilution and succussion, that are involved with the making of these magical elixirs? My inner PT Barnum says no…

  5. NotThatGreg says

    Some gems of wisdom (cherry-picked, of course ;-) ) from a homeopath (who is qualified in that he did his ” HM D from LONDON”).(1) “Truth , God, Homoeopathy are beyond senses.”!/anandbli…(2) “homoeopathy subject is like existence of god. we can neither prove nor deny existence of god as god is also energy.”!/anandbli…(3) “i ask you can science prove the existence of approves only matter but 98%people believe in existence of god. “!/anandbli…(apparently, if you follow this guy’s rantings, ‘energy’ is beyond the reach of science,  matter can be turned into energy by E=mc2, and that’s where science has to stop).So, can we just call it a cult (cargo cult?) and stop beating around the bush? Someone recently coined the term “Evidence Resistant Ideology”, perhaps that’s a better description.This is, I suspect, the kind of thing that all homeopaths are trained to believe, but most of them are not so open about sharing these ideas, at least not with general audiences. I’m sure it depends a lot on the beliefs of whoever it is that teaches you, since all of the ‘explanations’ can be just made up without changing anything about the practice. These only serve to provide a basis for faith, not a useful explanation of an underlying mechanism.Your moment of zen:(4) “what people term homoeopathy is not actually homoeopathy”!/anandbli…OK, that explains it then, thanks.

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