My diversity panel from AHA

I’m currently in Going Insane with Grad School Work mode, so here’s something to tide you over until I have time to write real posts. It’s long, but what’s better than listening to me, Debbie Goddard, and Greta Christina talk about diversity within the atheist movement?

It’s long, but I think the panel went really well, so it’s worth the watch. I certainly learned new things!


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    I quite enjoyed this discussion! . . . and thought back to several articles/essays about religion that touched on gender and race that i’d come across in years past but not posted on Facebook [no regular blog yet] because . . . they didn’t seem as urgent to me, i suppose, as a white male, though with some vested interest in LGBT issues. I’ll begin making some conscious amends tomorrow.

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    There was not nearly enough berating of you during that conference. I feel that meeting was lacking in a serious amount of trolling. See, this is why you need to come back home for a day if only so we can make fun of you and interrupt you while you’re trying to moderate things. In all seriousness, the Atheist movement does suffer from a serious case of “White Male Syndrome”.

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    The talks are fascinating and provide lots of food for thought. What’d be lovely on a panel on diversity and inclusivity is there was less ablism.The main culprits are the abuse of the words ‘crazy’ and even some ‘dumb’ from Greta as pejorative terms.

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    Thanks for posting this. All three of these talks were excellent, and it’s just plain good to see the atheist community taking an interest in this issue. It’s really going to pay off down the line for us to care about and encourage diversity now, while it’s still easy to do something about it.The only complaint I have was that your slides were hard to see! It seemed like the lighting on the video kept changing, so one moment they’d be visible and the next they’d be washed out. I don’t suppose they’re available anywhere?

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    work is lucky i have 2 weeks off next week to watch the whole thing was very interesting the first 10 min

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