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My mom texted me at 7:15am to let me know the Washington coast had a tsunami advisory. Apparently my groggy reply that I was fine didn’t make her feel better, because she then called me since she and my grandparents were convinced I was going to drown in my basement apartment. Oddly me saying “I live on top of a hill” was more comforting to her than the fact that Seattle isn’t on the Washington coast – it’s on the Puget Sound.

Haha, love you, Mom.

Though it is odd how differently we react to natural disasters we’re not used to. Massive thunderstorm? Go watch the lightning on the deck. Tornado? Stare at the cool green sky before running to the basement. Tsunami? HOLY FUCKBALLS! I’m going to pee my pants if/when an earthquake hits nearby.

Anyway, I don’t know if I have any readers who live in Japan or have family there, but best wishes to Japan. I hope everything there is okay. Same goes to anyone who actually is getting hit by a tsunami.

And you can all stop telling me it was my fault – I swear I was wearing modest pajamas.


  1. Noelley B says

    The thing to worry about here is the Cascadia Event, which would liquify SoDo and bring down all those charming old brick buildings around Pioneer Square, among many other horrific things. Last one was in 1700, and they tend to happen every 200 to 1000 years, so it could happen any time!http://geology.about.com/od/qu

  2. Karen says

    We’re under an advisory here (Pismo Beach, CA)but apparently at least one surfer was stopped from heading to the beach this morning.

  3. Yoav says

    8.9 on the Richter scale, every woman in Japan must have been walking the streets completely nude for months. On the other hand if the jewish variety of moron is right then it was THA GAY. BTW, this particular idiot is currently spending 5 years of quality time in jail for corruption and taking bribes, which apparently his god is OK with.

  4. says

    I’ve already had one argument with a stupid woman on facebook that no, we are not experiencing more earthquakes than normal (perspective: we are both from New Zealand, so the Christchurch quake is fresh on everyone’s mind). Gergh.

  5. LS says

    Modest Pajama fail D=By the way, Jen, if you want to know which natural disaster you should presently be worried about, see this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M…You could be buried in mud, AND be faced with a Tsunami in the Puget Sound SIMULTANEOUSLY. As I recall, in the event of post glacial lahar, my current residence can expect 10ft of mud.

  6. L.Long says

    We all know whose fault this is. We have on high authority.Jen have you and the girls been misbehaving? Again!

  7. says

    At least she waited until 7. My father texted me 4a.m. with a message that said “Turn on the news.” I replied with “Unless the world is on fire or they really are discontinuing Cap’n’Crunch it can wait until 6” He then told me Japan had an earthquake. I instantly thought of you, Jen… Annnnnd went back to bed.

  8. LS says

    I’m with you on this. To sleep, I must be free of the tyranny of pants. Shirts are even worse when trying to sleep, but they’re less tyrannical as a general rule.

  9. says

    I live near Cincinnati, OH. I was afraid that the Ohio River would flood and cover my house because of the tsunami. [Everything I say is a lie]

  10. Poose says

    Having lived in a geologically-active region (New Zealand) and having felt them first-hand (albeit small ones) my heart goes out to them. The videos of the destruction are just incredible.I’m just waiting for some religious asshat to make the “god is punishing them for…” connection.But at the same time-Indonesia (Boxing Day), Chile, Haiti, Christchurch (twice) now Japan?, all in a little over a decade? Some of these were in the top ten strongest/most destructive ever.Wow. Waiting on stats from USGS (or others) on if this a blip, or a trend.

  11. Karen says

    I get the same sort of messages from my mom any time it rains in Toronto. Yes, I live in a basement. But, as with you, I am on a hill. I’ve lived here 6 years and my place hasn’t flooded once. Not so much as a damp floor. But is my mother consoled? Not a bit! I think they thinks it’s their job to worry.

  12. says

    I’m not sure about Seattle, but here in Portland we’re supposedly on the cusp of an even bigger quake. I’m wearing rubber underwear all the time now.

  13. Kris says

    My mom also called me at 7. She wasn’t satisfied with “I live on a hill on the 5th floor of an apartment” or “Seattle is in the Puget Sound” and only let me go when I told her that they weren’t even canceling any classes and I still had an exam at 9 so can I please go back to sleep.

  14. Kimpatsu says

    I don’t know if I have any readers who live in Japan…Yes, you do, Jen. Me. But I’m in Tokyo and so haven’t suffered as badly as some.

  15. says

    I thought that was a joke, but for the heck of it I went onto Google Scholar and found this study:http://journals.lww.com/plasre…It’s not vibrating, but it would appear non-surgical procedures can be used to augment breast size. Any jounals to back up the link above that anyone can find?

  16. Jinxmchue says

    I wonder how many of those people are atheists instead of “religious asshats.”

  17. says

    Nope. Actually doing things to help is the atheists’ version of prayer.’Best wishes’ is just… best wishes. Letting people know that you care and are concerned.

  18. ckitching says

    No idea, but you can probably count out those who use phrases that involve things like “pray” or claiming it was god’s revenge. Regardless of group affiliation, they’d be asshats either way.

  19. Rilakkusara says

    @Kimpatsu Hope you’re still doing ok. I’m in Ehime on the island of Shikoku, and things are just eerily normal. From the reports though, things are really just getting worse. PM me if you need anything, seriously. I’m not that far away. ★

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