Midwestern Snowpacolypse

Oh, wait, I don’t live in Indiana anymore.

Neener neener.

Don’t I work in a pretty building? Right on the water too! *salts those wounds*


  1. says

    IN the thumbnail, the building reminded me of a set of housing (council flats, I think) near where I lived ’til I was 13… nothing like it once I opened it full-size. It looks much nicer than the newest buildings at Lancaster University… the most high-profile of the newish building at Lancaster is this horrible green and orange monstrosity.

  2. says

    I’m home from work today because of snow. My car is actually stuck in the snow at my place of employment. There’s a pile of snow close to three feet high (from snow falling off my roof) blocking my back door. I’m eating mac and cheese and watching episodes Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie sketch comedy on Netflix. Life is pretty good here in the Midwest, if you ask me.

  3. LS says

    It’s still bloody cold out >.>But I guess that all depends on what experience you’ve got to use as reference.

  4. Roki_B says

    Jennifer, you know nothing of good weather. You live in *seattle*. Why don’t you come down to the San Francisco Bay Area and drive around and enjoy our 72° and sunny year round! Yeah, I did just sit outside in shorts and a t-shirt soaking up the sun at noon

  5. says

    * shakes fist *I’m in the middle of the snowpocalypse and had an interview cancelled because the interviewer couldn’t get into the building.

  6. PZ Myers says

    I know that place. Now I’m getting homesick.It probably rains all the time, too. Man, I miss the rain — the snowpacolpyse doesn’t impress me because where I live we’re in chronic non-stop snowpacolypse every year, but the idea of rain in February is just so wonderful.

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