A new way to prank atheists?

Over at Atheism Resource, Katie Hartman discovered that you can send Mormon missionaries to anyone’s house by simply providing a name and address. Oh the discoveries boredom makes. I feel bad for the missionaries that end up at JT’s house.

Oh, and those of you that know my address? Don’t even bother – I live in an impenetrable fortress known as an unmarked basement apartment with a practically hidden entrance. And that’s even if you can find the house at all, which is tucked behind a wall and shrubberies. My apartment is totally missionary-proof.

And anyway, even if they could find the address, they’d just end up bothering my landlord.

…on second thought…


  1. says

    Yes! From the religion that brought us ‘Pray anyone into heaven’, Glen Beck, and ‘Magic Underwear’, we have the exciting new product ‘Watchtower 2.0’ or ‘Party Clown 2.0’ depending on availability and regional disparities. (Disclaimer: Product performance depends largely on how engaged/enraged the recipient is and cannot be blamed on John Smith, Mormonism or the State of Utah.)

  2. says

    I’m not sure there’s really anything new about this. When I was a teenager my phone number wound up on the “I am interested, please call me,” list of various youth-oriented ministries. It mostly resulted in annoying phone calls. The calls were particularly annoying in that even after I explained that one of my asshole friends wrote down my number because they thought it would be funny, the callers would just reorient and keep the spiel going.

  3. says

    Another good way to punk an atheist is to arrange for her to get accepted at a local university, befriend her and make songs with her, then reveal that you’ve been a Mormon missionary the entire time.But no one is that evil.

  4. OrneryPest says

    One of my bike-riding buddies is a Mormon elder who coaches missionaries. He always sends new ones over to my place so they’ll get their jollies out of whatever odd and strange God I’m gonna tell them I believe in.

  5. says

    Send the Mormans to a xtian house & watch the fight that happens. Xtians have no patience for other religions. Soon we will be able to send Muslims door to door. But you’ll have to frisk them for bombs they carry under their burhkas.

  6. Sideshow Bill says

    I used to live near a Mormon “Stake” while at grad school in Austin. Invariably they would walk up the stairs and bang on my door on weekend mornings. After politely telling them I wasn’t interested a couple of times, I started answering the door naked (or nekkid if I was up to no good). They seem to have a don’t go to this location because the guy answers the door naked list somewhere.

  7. the_Siliconopolitan says

    That’s great news. I’d send the Mormons to the Jehova’s and the Jehova’s to the Mormon on alternate weeks, though.Let them fight it out among themselves.

  8. Ihateaphids says

    Oh I’m an Atheist, and visited Brigham Young’s house on a horrible horrible suggestion bt a friend (DAMN YOU VICCI!!!) and i listed several random gay friends in need of visitation. great fun!

  9. Ihateaphids says

    interesting inginuity of mormons: they a)made jewlery out of hair; they b) built all furniture out of shipping crates; c) buried a grand piano in the mountains because they couldn’t quite get it over and then got it the next yearwe could actually learn a lot from this if they weren’t so insane

  10. says

    I kept the Mormon missionaries coming for about a year… for most of that, there was one consistent guy, a German who played board games and seemed just as happy talking about Settlers of Catan as exploring Mormon theology. I got less interested once he left, because his replacement was far more thorough about staying on topic.Still the discussions of theology were interesting, because I find comparative theology interesting. I don’t consider it a discussion about “what’s real”, because my general view on these questions is that they are currently impossible to actually answer empirically (and I don’t see that changing) so why bother trying. It’s similar to comparing different fantasy settings. I get a similar intellectual ‘buzz’ out of trying to deduce more about the structure and beliefs of the Fellowship of Gird and wondering whether Alyanya has an organised cult…

  11. Nikki says

    Is this really pranking atheists or more like pranking the missionaries? They go there expecting gullible fresh meat but instead come face to face with an angry atheist equipped with reason.Or a naked guy.

  12. Tara says

    Dude, don’t do this. Once you get on the missionaries’ list, you have to move to get off it. Unless, as someone previously mentioned, you live somewhere where you can answer the door naked. The missionaries actually jimmied the lock on my apartment building when I didn’t answer the door (because I had previously told them not to come back). They’re persistent.

  13. SonofRyan says

    *Increasingly persistant missionaries* “We’ve come to talk to you about Jesus, we apologize for the mess the breaching charges made…

  14. J. Mark says

    The Jehovah’s Witness, and other religious folks knock on our door from time to time….I’m making a sign that says, “Solicitors will be ridiculed”…

  15. Armitage says

    “My apartment is totally missionary-proof” Well you did post a video of some snow from your apartment. There are street signs showing and several buses. So I’m sure with some use of google you address could be determined but since I’m in Ireland I can’t be bothered…..

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