Found this oddity in SoHo

Can anyone translate it? (click image for larger photo)Part of me thinks it’ll be funnier without explanation, but I’m too curious.


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    If you replace the human head with yours on the picture on the top right corner, then it will become a jennifurret – a furret with a human head. lol.

  2. Rara says

    It’s a rhyme describing a mean and evil person in a chinese workers’ union (I’m not so sure about organisations in the states). I’m guessing that it’s from a really pissed off chinese employee (probably not taiwanese because this is simplified chinese) and the subject is the dude with the photoshopped body.The rhyme is mostly in chinese metaphors, so a literal translation would be quite meaningless in english. According to the rhyme, this person has:Created trouble and exploited workers (to the point where he gobbles people up without spitting out their bones, lol). This person is treacherous, sly and shameless, has broken up workers’ families and deprived people of employee/human rights. He has cheated and lied to the government as well as the people, and is very smug about it. He’s been framing people too. The rhyme ends by saying that he has a heart like a scorpion’s (evil) and that he’ll have his retribution soon, so others should not be aiding him in his ways.I’m not so good with the translating thingy because of the linguistics, although I’m fluent in both languages. :P Hope it helps.

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    Since I’m drunk and jet lagged, I will give it a try (it’s in Chinese FYI) Essentially it’s “exposing” the guy in the picture, for allegation of corruption and incompetence etc. since the thing is pretty straightforward, I will try and translate it literally or else it’d just read like “I don’t like him”.Title: Exposing the “dark corner”New York – Dark Corner (Chinese Worker Association) has a hidden monster (editor: it’s very vague and hard to translate, literally it means “miscellaneous item”, whatever.) *picture goes here*.Raising wind and make wave, only sucking the blood of workers!Eating meat without spitting bones! Shady and cunning. Making workers wait, leading to broken homes and splitting families! Losing the right to work! No guarantee for human rights either! Life(s) has/have sunk into a mire. Lies to the government on top! Lies to the people on the bottom! Lies to himself and others! Yet proud of himself. Hurting others while hurting himself! “Mother” has died from anger, yet still trying to make money from dead people’s wealth! Thick face and shameless! Pity it’s a spring dream (i.e. short-lived)! In the world of spirits (difficult phrase to translate), there are gods and ghosts! This kind of scorpion heart (i.e. evil)! The heaven and people are both angry! This kind of evil deed! There will be karma! The day of punishment from the “heavenly emperor” (note: same phrase in Chinese shared between the Taoist God and Christian God), can be counted with fingers! An advice to the blinded man! Hold your horse before the cliff! Don’t be an accomplice! [You] should walk the path of light! [You] should never only cry when you see your coffin! Remember that!A two-character name that is the homophone to “worker” but means fair, equitable or public, and humaneness, benevolence, kindness.Post-translation note: It’s written in a strange semi-poetic form, full of Chinese idioms and set in a 5 character format, which is typically seen from old-fashioned people or graffiti from crazy people.

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    Incidentally, I’m in Seattle to scout out the city for Jen and perhaps to attend the ISME (International Soceity for Microbial Ecology). So far, Seattle has been pretty awesome, the number of homeless people makes me sad though.

  5. nobody says

    Sorry to join the thread hijacking, but I feel the need to respond, having been homeless. In a backwards way, homeless people are a sign of a city’s health. When I look around my town in heartless-state, just a hop, skip, and a jump north of heartless-metropolis where homeless people are routinely rounded up and ejected from the city instead of being offered reasonable shelter and services, and see no homeless people, it makes me cringe. It’s not like here in heartless-state we actually mysteriously have more jobs and stability than places with visible homeless. It’s just that we’ve treated them so crappily and their lives are at substantially greater risk by even sticking around, that one by one, they all have left in a giant, invisible migration. They have walked, hitchhiked, scrimped for bus tickets, and made their way to more compassionate parts of the country. In short, if you’re in a city where the homeless are actually allowed to coexist and be visible to the public, you’re in one of the more healthy cities that the US has to offer. Not kicking you out of town for the crime of poverty: it’s the closest thing we’ve got to a safety net.

  6. Jeanette says

    Yes, where I used to live in Irvine, California, the police would literally pick the homeless people up in their cars and drive them to neighboring towns. It always disturbed me to watch, and I too now view having a homeless population as a sign of a more healthy city (I live in San Francisco now, so no problems there).

  7. Lukas T. says

    This is amazing beyond words. You know, there’s a whole magazine called Found Magazine that’s devoted to compiling weird notes, etc. that people find on the ground. You ought to send this in!Here’s their website if you’re interested:

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