Getting ready for tomorrow's Creation Museum trip!

I am sooooo excited for the Creation Museum trip tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to sleep at all tonight. Stayed up until 3 am last night, need to wake up at 5 am tomorrow, and I generally don’t sleep when I’m excited for something. That’s alright though. I’ll be wide awake from sheer excitement. And the super large coffee I plan on getting before we leave.

Just so everyone knows, here’s how it’s going to go down tomorrow. I am going to try to tweet as much as possible tomorrow. I also figured out how to send photos from my phone through twitter, so you’ll be getting little low resolution treats occasionally. You can follow me by going here. You do not need a twitter account to read what I post. Everyone at the Creation Museum will be using the tag #CreoZerg in their tweets, so you can go there to see what everyone else is saying too.

I’m not sure when my first official blog post will go up here. One, I don’t have a lap top, so I’m going to have to snatch one of my friends’s. Two, after the trip I have to drive to Columbus for the Secular Student Alliance conference (also excited for that, woo!), and I can’t exactly type while driving or in the middle of someone’s talk. So at the earliest, you may have a post around 4pm if we go somewhere with WiFi for food. At the latest, something will be up by 1am-ish.

And apparently my friends are placing bets on what’s going to happen tomorrow: how long we’ll stay in the museum until being kicked out (not getting kicked out to not making it in at all), how many atheists will get arrested (0 to 250), how much physical harm I’ll receive (threats to death), and how many kinky atheists hook-ups I’m going to have (not even going to try to explain that one). Thanks, guys.

Feel free to make your own predictions or create new betting categories in the comments.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I’ll be wearing my “Stand Back: I’m going to try science!” xkcd shirt. That won the most votes. Second place goes to my club shirt and nakedness, so I guess day 2 of the conference I’ll be going in my birthday suit. Have fun, SSA members!


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    I hope it is a great weekend, sounds like you have a fun trip planned. Definitely want a picture of you riding the triceratops at the CM, too. Call that a request. I hope it’s as nutty as I imagine – it will make the eventual quest to the Museum worth it for me.

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    Have lots of fun! My bets are on the group lasting two hours in the museum, everyone arrested after a mass expulsion, and 2 dozen physical threats (along with 75 threats of eternal damnation, of course). Oh, and the only atheist hookups will be the lines of chain links hooking everyone together as you are led out the door, past all the news cameras reporting your brave stand against insanity. The kinkiness comes, of course, from the chains.Man, I should stop commenting on blogs while dosed on pain medication. Anyhow… hope it’s a blast for everyone who gets to go!

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    Oh please, oh please, oh please have someone, anyone get me a good picture of the wrecking ball with the words “Millions of years” on it crashing into a church. It should be in the section about how horrible society is because evolution is superbad. I’ve seen a crappy picture of it online but want a high quality one. That is single most ironic sculpture in the history of mankind.

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    I will try my best, Rev.And Ian, I think I’m going to make a new rule where people can only comment IF they’re hopped up on pain medication. I love it.

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    Tylenol 3 didn’t affect me in any insane or fun ways. Actually it just kind of made me nausious. Sadness

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    Awww, muffin. That’s no good.To be fair, it really didn’t do anything to me. I need to be like House and get an addiction to vicodin. Vicoden? I dunno. The good stuff.

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    Did you just call me muffin?Vicodin made me even MORE nausious. I actually stopped taking it because wisdom tooth removal pain was preferable.

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    Hmm, yes. But in a fake-sympathy way, that’s all. Promise.And hrm. Well, I haven’t had wisdom teeth out yet – to be fair, due to situations out of my control, I’ve needed them so far.

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    If Weird Al’s Bedrock Anthem and its “yabba dabba do now” chorus isn’t enough of an earworm for those braving the CreoZerg, how about Weird Al’s Jurassic Park? A parody of a parody is way to much recursion, however…I recall the time they took those creepy bronze-age storiesAnd before long, they were treating them like factsNow I’m being harrassed by some smug creobot cretinsAnd believe me folks, I shoulda packed an axe.Noah’s Ark is glowing in the darkAll the black light dioramas, OWSomeone told me I should just believeI don’t think that I can think straightBut I’ll really fall down prostrateIf I have to read one Bible verse again!Oh No!

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    Wow, I went to #CreoZerg and the first tweet was “They’ll be using the hashtag #CreoZerg. Atheism is soooo boring for me these days. Been through all that.”Unfortunately, I’m still going through my period of Atheism, so naturally I’m terribly bored. I can barely work up the energy to breathe.Good luck today, be careful out there!

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    I had to leave Saturday so I missed your outfit on Sunday. BLAST!!And it was great meeting you! I’m sure our paths will cross at some point in the future.Cheers!

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