Linkspam: July 11th, 2016

First, some blogging network news, FtB has added a handful of new bloggers.  You can follow FtB News to keep up to date on that sort of thing.

Also, last month Richard Carrier resigned from FtB last month amidst allegations of sexual harrassment, and here’s FtB’s official statement on the matter.  In case anyone is wondering about FtB’s governance structure, at the moment it’s an anarchy, but we’re aspiring towards more concrete policies.

Without further ado, here are a few links from the past month:

Erasing LGBTQ Muslims & Islamic Homophobia – Heina addresses the Orlando Nightclub shooting from a queer ex-Muslim perspective.

Sometimes, I think about this issue by making an analogy from Muslim/queer to atheist/woman. The sexism in atheist communities doesn’t justify anti-atheist hate, nor does it mean that “atheist woman” is a contradiction. At the same time, the topic of atheist sexism is one that needs addressing.

BTW if you haven’t figured it out by now, I almost never blog about current events. I don’t enjoy it.

20 narratives of asexuals who like sex – I wrote this article, and I am plugging it.  Many asexual-conscious people are aware that some fraction of asexuals like sex, and constantly point to this group as counterexample to [insert generalization here].  However, I’d like to be more than just a counterexample, so I listed a bunch of specific possibilities.

Alliance of the non-mono folk in the USA – This is series on non-monogamy by my friend Sara (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  I particularly like part 2, which discusses celibate and poly communities of the 19th century.  I am reminded of Larry Hamelin (who is in my blogroll), who has written about his experience in the Kerista commune.  The Kerista commune coined the terms “polyfidelity” and “compersion”.

Sara observes that instead of creating communes, we now have more identity-based groups that try to integrate into society.  Well, with the internet, we don’t need to live in the same location any more, we just need to share a set of keywords.

Danger and Opportunity – Abe Drayton talks about a new helium deposit discovered in Tanzania.  The helium market is somewhat of a pet interest, because I use helium as a cryogen for research, and we don’t recycle.  I’m curious about the economics of discovering a natural resource in an impoverished region.  I’m guessing investors from wealthy countries just swoop in, building the infrastructure to mine helium in exchange for all profits?

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