Sacred water of Railway station

Instead of autobiographical writings like this that encourage superstitious beliefs, I wish Indian schools taught this article by Dr Abraham Kovoor.

Abraham Thomas Kovoor, a renowned  rationalist of South Asia, was born and educated in India. After his studies he worked as a teacher in various colleges in Sri Lanka. He was instrumental in forming Rationalist association of Sri Lanka. He campaigned widely in both India and Sri Lanka, exposing as frauds many god men and para normal phenomena.



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Battle for reason in Punjab

India has umpteen numbers of gods and religions. But it also has several rationalists’ movements working actively among public in different parts of the country. Though three prominent rationalist intellectuals were murdered in cold blood in recent years and the murderers are yet to be caught, Indian rationalists are continuing their efforts to spread scientific temper courageously and relentlessly.

The NDTV recently broadcast a documentary film on rationalist movement in Punjab lead by Tarksheel Society.


battle for reason

Please watch it here.