Another secular activist hacked to death in Bangladesh

No, this is not an old news. It happened again.
A progressive secular professor of Rajshahi University in Bangladesh was hacked to death early on Saturday.

Professor Rezaul Karim Siddique was killed Saturday near his home in the Bangladeshi city of Rajshahi. The Professor of English literature died instantly and the assailants fled the scene after his death.
Rajshahi’s police commissioner Mohammad Shamsuddin told reporters at the scene that the “technique of the murder suggested it could be an act of Islamist terrorists.”
The professor’s neck was hacked at least three times and was 70-80 per cent slit, he said, adding that the nature of the attack shows it was carried out by extremist groups.

The motive behind the murder is not immediately known. No groups claimed responsibility for the attack so far and police are investigating.
Meanwhile, angry students and teachers of the university rallied in the campus demanding immediate arrest of culprits.
Karim’s colleagues said he was involved in cultural activities in the campus and used to play flute and setar.
“He was not known for affiliation for any political party…He had a progressive outlook that might have earned him the wrath of reactionary (Islamist) forces,” professor of mass communication department of the university Dulal Chandra Biswas told PTI over phone.

Islamist ideology kills again in Bangladesh. When will this nightmare end ? How can the humanist of the world stop this killings ?

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