Rousing the rabble

Here’s Texas Rep. Molly White, proving once again that you do not need to own a dick to be one.

Molly White

I trust she will also have her staff invite Christian visitors to renounce pedophilia, since some Christians have been caught molesting altar boys, which means all must be presumed to be pedophiles.


  1. Edward Black says

    I am a Canadian who works the Canadian government. I must admit I do understand how her behaviour could be tolerated for a minute. Any government official in Canada at any level who gave such instructions would be suspended that day and face some major disciplinary action, perhaps even dismissal.

    Even it by some incredible circumstance, that did not happen, as soon as the press were notified there would be howls from every type of media and civil rights group in the country.

  2. shadow says

    Why the Isreali flag? Did Texas actually secede and become part of Isreal? Does this state rep actually work for Isreal???

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