Good news from Kansas reports more good election results:

Democrat Carolyn Campbell of Topeka won a second, four-year term on the State Board of Education in Tuesday’s election in the 4th District of northeast Kansas. She defeated Republican Jack Wu of Topeka.

Jack Wu moved from California to Kansas to attend the Westboro Baptist Church, and was running for the school board on an “I hate evolution” platform. Apparently Westboro’s famous “God hates America” stand doesn’t play too well in Kansas these days.


  1. ericblair says

    When I saw the headline “Good news from Kansas”, I was hoping that a large meteor had fallen and completely wiped out the Westboro Baptist “Church”. Thor and Zeus are just not co-operating. Well, any victory in that direction is a good one.

  2. hexidecima says

    moving to kansas? to attend the Westboro cult? wow, what a pitiful man. I love how the cultists treat him as an “acquaintance” in interviews about him.

  3. MikeMa says

    If what I read was correct, he didn’t raise any money or really campaign. All he wanted to do was push the WBC image into the public sphere from the under the rock where they live.

  4. Skeptic Dude says

    I live in Topeka. Those assholes are ubiquities. I saw them this morning picketing outside of the Post office with kids who couldn’t be more than 5 or 6 holding those abominable signs. Everyone around here just generally ignores them, I go to the law school where many of them graduated, and the school NEVER mentions them, even when they won a US Supreme Court case last summer.

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