Those poor persecuted Christians

One Ann Gentry, in a letter to the editor, knows just what unbelievers should do about local officials injecting religion into government: the unbelievers should just go away and let Christians run things without interference.

If Jane Doe, who regularly attends Board of Supervisors meetings in Chatham is so deeply offended just because the Christians there pray in Jesus’ name, then why does she go there so often? Could it be because she is there to mainly cause trouble by splitting political hairs over religion?

Right, because anybody who suggests that Christians ought to obey the law is clearly a troublemaker.

The writer understands what it’s like to be offended. After all, she’s offended herself at times.

I was offended by a vehicle traveling on our highways that had “Goddess Bless America” attached to its license plate that also had “Pagan” written on it; but what can we as Christians do about that?

So of course she thinks that the right thing would be for her to simply never travel by roadway again. Oh wait, no, it’s only non-Christians who are supposed to be excluded like that.

The ACLU will not represent us because our feelings are hurt and disturbed over the sheer audacity of someone doing this while living in this great land of ours that was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and protected by our citizens who went to war and paid the supreme sacrifice to defend our nations against evil doers.

Sure, blame the ACLU for failing to… um, well I’m not exactly sure what the ACLU is supposed to do about it. Some random guy on the highway isn’t setting any government policies just by putting a few bumper stickers on his car. She’s blaming the ACLU for failing to defend her rights when her rights haven’t even been violated. But if you think that’s hypocritical, look what she says next:

Whatever happened to “our” free speech?

You mean the free speech you’re exercising by publishing this letter? Nothing, why do you ask?

But wait, there’s more. You know what’s coming next, right?

Stand up now for religious freedom in our beloved country while there is yet time.

If sharia is ever accepted in this country, God forbid, it will be all over for America, Christians, Jews and all who want peace and justice.

It’s the Sharia Boogey, the dance craze that’s sweeping America! I thought I heard the band warming up for that tune.

Look, I’m all for protecting religious freedoms. But part of protecting religious freedom is pointing out the fact that wacky rants like hers put the “lose” in “delusional.” Okay that one sounds better out loud than in print, but you know what I mean: that lady is losing her grip on reality, and if she succeeds in getting laws passed that limit “free speech” to only “Christian speech,” we all lose.


  1. Snowshoe the Canuck says

    I stopped getting my irony meter replaced. The company refused me warranty service after the sixth replacement. I am working on a stooopidity filter (pat. pending). Hopefully, I can get the filter to last more than 3 posts by PZ.

  2. Stacy says

    Wait, secularists are in cahoots with radical Islamists now, all plotting together to impose sharia?

    Why don’t I ever get these memos?

  3. sailor1031 says

    Well this woman is not losing it – she clearly never had it in the first place. And of course it has never crossed what she is pleased to think of as her mind that school business, of interest to all, is discussed where? – right, at school board meetings. It is not the exclusive concern of christians. If you want to pray go to your (tax exempt) church!

  4. Ashley Moore says

    So, in Ann Gentry’s mind, someone else being forced to participate in her religion is just as offensive as her having to know that other religions exist.

  5. davidct says

    I just got back from driving from the Northeast back to Texas. I find those humongous crosses ugly and would rather they were not there. However the poor downtrodden who put them up have a right to offend my aesthetic sensibilities. They are a bit more in your face than the odd bumper sticker.

  6. Donny Sutton says

    This is my hometown! I lived just down the street from the court house. I have since moved away for obvious reasons. I spoke with a friend who still lives there (he is an atheist) and we had a good laugh at the whole thing. We also discussed how regretful we are that this didn’t happen when we were in high school, and had time to go there and stir the pot. If you dig a little deeper you will find a quote from a local politician named Don Merricks “When you elected me, you elected Jesus.”. It’s just priceless. I will be interested to see how it turns out. Go ACLU!

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