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Apr 11 2014

Lab grown vaginas

You might think I’m writing a check with that headline these blogg’n finger can’t cash. If so, you would be wrong! There really is such a report out and vaginas are not the only things being grown in vitro, or outside of the body, whatever the terminology might be.

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Apr 02 2014

Tasty right-wing tears of unfathomable sadness

I’m sweating, waiting for a callback on a job I’ve been told I may get. It’s a network support job, a useful skill, that would pay an almost living wage. But while I sweat that out, at least there’s entertainment galore in Wingnutville, where mighty Fox has struck out trying to crash Obamacare. Here at …

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Apr 01 2014

Whatever happened to the Obamacare “death spiral”?

  Answer, the death spiral passed away quietly last night, surrounded by Fox & Friends.

Feb 10 2014

“Distressed AOL baby” mama speaks out

A round of DoS attacks swept through FTB this Sunday. SkepChick and others were also hit so deduce what you may. It seems to be working now, but if you’re experiencing delays waiting for the page to load, that’s the crack software making sure you’re not a bot. We’re going to a new hosting service …

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Feb 05 2014

CBO finds Obamacare frees millions from job-lock

A new report by the Congressional Budget Office confirms what many analysts and activists have long hoped for: affordable healthcare, untethered from a full time payroll job, will allow millions of Americans now shackled by company sponsored group health insurance to pursue more rewarding work and early retirement:

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Dec 09 2013

Conservatives could have and should have owned Obamacare

Apparently, if the temperature in Central Texas drops below 40 for any length of time, my Internet, cable TV, and phone networks all collapse. Dutifully noted. And, since this happened on a weekend, it took until just now for a tech to make it out here and get full service restored. So I haven’t had …

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Dec 06 2013

Living the American healthcare dream

Alright guys and gals, I am not kidding when I say I need any small donations you can swing this month. If just a few dozen people where to pitch in 10 or 20 bucks that would do it. My lifestyle is frugal. This is potentially dire, possibly even life and death. Here’s where things …

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Dec 04 2013

Another Obamacare lie bites the dust

Remember how Obamacare was going to destroy the economy? Early indications are that’s just another hysterical scare tactic that’s being proved dead wrong:

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Dec 02 2013

Early indications on Healthcare-dot-gov are promising


Click image for holiday bleg snail-mail detailsAgain I apologize for bombarding readers with a plea for holiday generosity, but without it this blog and my health would be much worse off. I used to only ask once a year, but beginning earlier this spring a freak heart attack and subsequent complications, combined with disability pay …

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Dec 01 2013

Grad student & fellow Texan signs up using Healthcare-dot-gov for pennies


Click the image fore details on the total cost on a Silver Plan when s/he was done …. three cents a month! S/he’s also in the same boat I am: if the diarist makes just a tiny bit less than what s/he estimated for 2014, they will not qualify for a private policy and there …

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