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Jul 23 2012

The talented Mr. Romney

Where does Mitt Romney stand? Slate.com put together this video of the incredibly talented Mr. Romney. And after watching him speak in his own words … you will have absolutely no idea where Mitt Romney stands on a woman’s right to choose or anything else.

May 08 2012

From the rotting bowels of the wingnut corpus

Here’s two examples of not just how far gone the average wingnut has become, but how they got there. First, the obligatory whopper:

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Apr 04 2012

Planned parenthood bomber was an anti-reproductive rights nutter


As if there was any doubt, the clown who tried to light up a PP clinic in Wisconsin was a religious right nutcase, he has been found and he has confessed. Another isolated terrorist attack that has nothing to do with eliminist rhetoric flowing from the usual suspects:

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Mar 17 2012

Wrapped in the flag and waving a cross

Once upon a time, not that long ago, in a land far, far away, birth control and abortion were made illegal. Bearing children was the name of the game, so childless women paid penalty fines while those with many children enjoyed lavish perks. The secret police were empowered to patrol hospital exam rooms looking for any sign …

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Mar 17 2012

What’s in this birth control debacle for Republicans?

A week or two ago I got an email from a conservative leaning lady friend who has argued politics with me for years. It had three words in it: You Were Right. I’d like to think my finger is on the political pulse of the nation, or at least near a major artery some of …

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