Catholic school fires teacher for being abused by ex-husband

I saw this a few days ago but got sidetracked. A teacher at Holy Trinity Catholic School in San Diego was fired because her abusive ex made a scene at her workplace:

Raw Story — Charlesworth said that the school learned about her situation after she requested a leave of absence following abuse by her husband in January. “Basically, we’d had a very bad weekend with him, we’d called the sheriff’s department three times on Sunday with him,” she recalled. After her husband showed up in the Holy Trinity’s parking lot, the school went into lockdown. The next day, parents were notified that Charlesworth and her four children, who also attended the school, had been put “on an indefinite leave.”

Then she was fired, which is a bit on the absurd side despite the “won’t someone please think of the children” spiel. Geez, the guy has a restraining order out against him and he’s in jail, what else is she supposed to do?

I see two big problems with this and maybe more. One it could be applied widely, way beyond domestic abuse. What if a teacher witnessed a violent crime and/or testified about it in court, wouldn’t the possibility of payback potentially threaten children in her classroom? And two, it discourages other teachers from reporting abuse. Actually, both of those would apply to more than teachers, the same rationale would work if applied to any workplace on behalf of the safety of adult students or coworkers.