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May 30 2012

Men hate woman’s body


Men hate woman’s body. Women learn from men to hate their own bodies. Men and media have been busy for centuries advising women what they should look like. Men hate women’s hair if they are not silky and long. Most women keep their hair long even though many of them feel comfortable having short hair. …

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May 30 2012

Men are crazy for hymen, a thin tiny membrane


Millions of men are crazy to sleep with virgins. They marry children because children are most likely to be virgins. Men go to brothels and pay a lot of money only to fuck 5 to 10-year-old children. Men love hymen that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. The man who created Islam knew …

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May 26 2012

Sexism still exists!


“Woman is not born: she is made. In the making, her humanity is destroyed. She becomes symbol of this, symbol of that: mother of the earth, slut of the universe; but she never becomes herself because it is forbidden for her to do so.” ― Andrea Dworkin “Femininity is wearing shoes that make it difficult …

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May 22 2012

Resistance against intolerance


For ages, nobody drew Muhammad. Artists freely drew the Virgin Mary, Jesus the Christ, Gautama the Buddha, Hindu gods and goddesses, and whoever else that they liked. But Muhammad, fanatics have objected to his being drawn even though Muslim artists drew him in the Middle Ages. Recently someone broke the rule. A Danish cartoonist drew …

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May 21 2012

It is Okay if women and children die, but men must not die.

A family rides on scooter in Siliguri

May 20 2012

Therefore, God exists.

proof of god

  I asked my mother, ‘How do you know God exists?’ My mother could not answer immediately. After thinking about it for a while, she told me, ‘Look at the butterflies, how did they get  so many beautiful colors? Look at the flowers, how do they get their fragrances? What about jackfruits? Who put all …

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May 19 2012

Bravo, France!

The French president and prime minister with all the women cabinet members.

“The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race. ” -Susan B. Anthony “Men …

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May 17 2012

Abolish the death penalty

“What says the law? You will not kill. How does it say it? By killing!” -Victor Hugo “For centuries the death penalty, often accompanied by barbarous refinements, has been trying to hold crime in check; yet crime persists.” -Albert Camus “Had it not been for slavery, the death penalty would have likely been abolished in …

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May 15 2012

Is Noam Chomsky Right or Wrong?

Noam Chomsky was asked, ‘What do you think of the U.S. increased reliance—President Obama increasingly using drones to attack people in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and beyond?’ He answered: ‘Good comment about that made by Yochi Dreazen. He’s the military correspondent—was the military correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, is now for some other …

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May 13 2012

Mother’s Day!

We all know Mother’s Day is a big buck business. It is still a good day. Children think of their mothers for at least one day a year! When my mother was alive, I didn’t have time to think of her. She died. Now I think of her everyday. I repent everyday.

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