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Apr 10 2014

People who die due to lack of insurance

charlene dill

I have written about the unbelievable cruelty shown by those states that refused to expand Medicaid so that those people who are too poor to be covered by the subsidies offered by the Affordable Care Act could obtain health insurance anyway. As a result, we have the predicable result that some people are now dying …

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Apr 05 2014

How getting money from the government can be injurious

In order to bring suit against someone in court, the plaintiff has to show that they have ‘standing’, which means that they have suffered a fairly direct injury of some sort that the court can redress. In response to my post on the cases bought against Obamacare because of its use of federal subsidies in …

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Apr 04 2014

Another legal challenge to Obamacare

One of the key features of the highly complicated Affordable Care Act is the subsidy that is given to lower income people to enable them to afford to purchase health insurance. These subsidies are provided through both the state exchanges for those states that set them up and through the federal exchanges in those states …

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Apr 01 2014

Obamacare enrollment seem to exceed expectations

Despite a major effort at deception that involved outright lying by opponents of the Affordable Care Act that actively sought to dissuade people from getting health insurance that would save them from some catastrophic expenses due to illness, and despite the disastrous rollout that seemed to confirm people’s worst fears, it looks like the enrollment …

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Mar 31 2014

Affordable Care Act update

Today is the deadline to begin signing up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Not unexpectedly, there has been a surge in enrollments in the days leading up to it and it seems possible that the enrollment target of 7 million, that had been seen as unreachable after the disastrous rollout, may actually …

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Mar 13 2014

Oh, those long Canadian wait times

The favorite (if not only) talking point of boosters of the awful American health care system, when confronted with data showing that health outcomes are so much better in single-payer systems like those in Canada, is to point to the wait times for elective treatments in those countries. It is true that for elective procedures, …

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Mar 12 2014

These people are swine

Kevin Drum recounts the case of a cancer patient Julie Boonstra who was featured in an anti-Obamacare ad “claiming that her new insurance plan under Obamacare was far more expensive than her old plan and didn’t cover all her medications.” When informed that this was not true and that if she had only bothered to …

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Mar 09 2014

The greatest health care in the world

Aasif Mandvi takes a close look at the claims made by some that the US provides the greatest health care in the world. As part of his investigation, he goes with Stan Brock and his Remote Area Medical (RAM) team that goes to remote areas around the world to provide free medical care to people …

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Feb 20 2014

Same-sex marriage bans challenged in Ohio and Colorado

Given that courts everywhere are overturning bans on same-sex marriage I was wondering why it had not been challenged in Oho, which passed by referendum a constitutional amendment banning it in 2004 in the heyday of anti-gay fervor. But yesterday comes news that a family living in a nearby community to mine that is headed …

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Feb 08 2014

Sense and nonsense about the CBO report

One of the worst aspects of the current US health insurance system is that it is employer-based, which means that people can get trapped into jobs just in order to get health insurance, a phenomenon that has been given the name of ‘job lock’. So any improvements in the system that would enable people to …

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