The absurd fight over Susan Rice

Glenn Greenwald discusses how the fight over Susan Rice’s possible nomination to be the next Secretary of State illustrates all that is wrong with our politics.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Rice. But she is pretty much your standard issue aggressive careerist, following the path laid by her predecessors of being pro-war, supportive of ruthless dictators as long as they are US allies, and extremely pro-Israel.

The Republicans are silent about all those things because that is how they think too. They have also not focused on her financial dealings because those are to their liking too. In order to try and derail her, they have latched onto the absurd Benghazi affair. There too Rice probably lied. Governments almost always lie in the immediate aftermath of a potentially damaging event in order to set the direction of the immediate media coverage. They know that when the truth comes out much later, people would have lost interest. So Rice is merely playing the usual game.

But once she became a symbol of the test of wills between the Republicans and president Obama, Democrats ignored all the reasons why Rice is an awful (but typical) choice and decided that she must be supported at all costs.

I think that progressives should stay out of this fight. As Greenwald says, “If it’s not Susan Rice as Secretary of State, then it will be someone with an equally long record of defending US militarism and supporting the world’s worst tyrants. Indeed, the person she would replace – overwhelming 2016 Democratic presidential favorite Hillary Clinton – was not only as steadfast in her public support for the attack on Iraq as Rice was, but also has at least as long and impressive a record in befriending the world’s worst tyrants.”