The Thinking Housewife on the election

You may recall that I had some posts in the past about The Thinking Housewife, that curious website of deep nostalgia for Christian patriarchy, when a woman stayed at home looking after her children and the needs of her husband, and colored people knew their place, which was the kitchen and the garden.

I went over there to see what they thought of the election and was not surprised to see the mood was somber. Here are some quotes from the various contributors to the site, lamenting the fact that minorities and single women voted for Obama. What could explain their bizarre behavior?

Black resistance to homosexual “marriage,” which Obama supports, is non-existent in these places. Blacks don’t think when they vote. They follow. There are few black rebels and many, if not most, blacks have probably never met someone who dissented from the prevailing view. Ideologically, they are the most conformist people on earth.

Few single women look for a man to support them; why should they when the Ultimate Alpha Male (the trillionaire federal gov’t) now promises Julia and the sisterhood to cover all their expenses?

Even women who are not dependent on the state for various forms of welfare are emotionally and financially married to big government because it provides them with a comprehensive system of feminist guarantees that give them security and moral purpose.

In short: These dumb single women and black people voted for Obama without thinking, and now the rest will have to pay the price.

But what took the cake for me was the post about Tammy Duckworth, who won her seat to the House of Representatives in Illinois, defeating the truly awful incumbent nutcase Joe Walsh. Duckworth is a double amputee veteran, losing both her legs as result of combat in Iraq but her victory is described as s a “relatively comprehensive symbol of the sickness of the present age.”

When I visit that site, I feel like I have passed through a time warp and entered Jane Austen’s world of frilly petticoats, starched collars, and people drinking tea out of dainty cups with their pinkie fingers outstretched, as seen in this clip from That Mitchell and Webb Look.

Truly strange.