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Aug 17 2009

The health care debate-11: The Brits fight back

(For previous posts on the issue of health care, see here.) I have written before of my direct personal experience with the British National Health Service (NHS) and can report that it was wonderful, helping me tremendously when I was seriously ill, entirely free of charge. As people should know, the NHS is a truly …

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Aug 14 2009

The deathers get routed in Cleveland

On Wednesday evening, Marcia L. Fudge, Ohio’s congresswoman for District 11, held a town hall meeting for her constituents. These events, once staid and even boring exercises in democracy, have recently become notorious for the groups of vociferous opponents of health care reform who have stormed them, armed with a strategy formulated by the health …

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Aug 13 2009

Here come the nutters!

Am I imagining it or does there seem to be a sudden upsurge in the number of people who seem to be disconnected with reality? To elaborate, is there an increasing number of vocal and visible people who are believe strongly in some crackpot idea despite the complete lack of plausible evidence in favor of …

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Aug 12 2009

YouTube nostalgia: Barney Miller

I hardly ever watch TV anymore, mainly because I cannot stand the constant commercial interruptions. This used to bother me less in the past and I used to watch a lot more when I was in graduate school and have fond memories of many shows: comedies such as M*A*S*H, Mary Tyler Moore, Soap, Newhart, Alice …

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Aug 11 2009

The health care debate-10: More comparisons with Canada

(For previous posts on the issue of health care, see here.) The Canadian system is a single-payer system in which the federal government sets certain baseline services that have to be provided and then the provinces have some flexibility in what they provide over and above that. This means that there can be variability from …

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Aug 10 2009

The health care debate-9: Oh, Canada!

(For previous posts on the issue of health care, see here.) One has to feel sorry for Canada. There they are, this perfectly nice country to the north of us, just minding its own business. And yet, whenever there is talk of health care reform in the US, the most blatant lies are told about …

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Aug 07 2009

The health care debate-8: Where the money goes in the US system

(For previous posts on the issue of health care, see here.) The indisputable fact is that per capita costs for health care in the US is almost twice that of other developed countries, while producing worse outcomes. So where does the money go? This study in the journal Health Affairs compares the US with those …

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Aug 06 2009

Film review: Woodstock

Next week marks the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock folk festival. I was not in the US at that time and my only encounter with it was reading about it in the newspapers and seeing the documentary when it came to Sri Lanka some time after 1970. Since Sri Lanka did not have TV until …

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Aug 04 2009

The health care debate-7: Why health care is so expensive in the US

(For previous posts on the issue of health care, see here.) The current health system in the US is a disgrace. Let us take some indisputable facts. Health care costs in the US are way higher than in any other country. Despite this, close to 15% of the population is uninsured, with the only option …

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Aug 04 2009

When lese majestes collide

By now everyone must have heard about the Henry Louis Gates Jr. flap, where the Harvard academic had a confrontation with a Cambridge police sergeant James Crowley, when he was seen by neighbors breaking into his own home when could not open his front door. What should have been a simple misunderstanding that was quickly …

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