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Oct 18 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Wonderporn!


Oooh, those glossy thick pages. The bright colors that pop. The action shots. The extreme closeups. I admit it: I have an addiction to aquarist magazines. You’ve gotta check out CORAL: the reef & marine aquarium magazine, especially this issue, the one with the big bold feature on “WRASSES”. Turn to page 70. Oooh, baby. …

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Oct 11 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Marquess of Queensberry Rules, Sirrah!


Oct 09 2013

World Octopus Day


Yesterday was World Octopus Day — 10/8, don’t you know — but I didn’t celebrate it…because every day is a cephalopod day in my heart. And you don’t get to shackle my heart to beat only one day a year.

Oct 04 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Snuggling up with a built-in blanket

In science we trust

Sep 27 2013

Friday Cephalopod: The star I want on my Christmas tree

The Daily Mail? Really?

Sep 20 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Free fallin’

Marco Chang

Sep 13 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Learn something about camouflage

(via Science Friday)

Sep 06 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Cuttlefish are the best kissers in the universe

Jesus Salillas

Aug 30 2013

Friday Cephalopod: The virtues of a distributed nervous system


The bulk of an octopus’s nervous system is not in its brain, but its arms. So scientists have studied isolated octopus arms and found that they retain substantial responsiveness to the environment. It’s depressing. I love eating big molluscs, but I’ve had to cut them out of my diet because there is just too much …

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Aug 28 2013

Not surprising, but nice confirmation

Why present this as a mystery solved? I’ve been hearing about this hypothesis for years. Many deep-sea squid actively grab their prey, sporting two muscular tentacles used to drag unsuspecting prey into their mouths. But one squid species that lives down deep—the "wimp" of the proverbial playground—has limp noodles for arms. Scientists have wondered for …

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