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Jun 19 2014

America’s Doctor at the mercy of a poll!

It’s not going well for him. Shall we make it worse?

Jun 17 2014

Australia ought to be a little bit embarrassed by Tim Blair

He has put up a poll to choose which Australian women ought to be demonized. The primary criterion for inclusion seems to be that they are a) women, and b) not as stupid as he is, and apparently women who are smarter than Blair are to be called “frightbats”. Charming. Who is Australia’s craziest left-wing …

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Jun 11 2014

A poll with hubris!

It’s not so much the stupidity of this poll as it is the blithe arrogance of it. For several years the debate has raged on between Conservatives and Liberals about two words in the Pledge Of Allegiance. These words are, “Under God”. Let’s settle this debate today. With an online poll. On a little-known website. …

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May 31 2014

It’s a good thing research isn’t defined by a poll

A perfectly reasonable article on animal research ends with a pointless poll. After explaining the specifics of the research — this was a lab studying Parkinson’s disease, a serious and incurable human problem — they ask their readers whether research is justified, and apparently all they saw were cute widdle monkeys. Is medical testing on …

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May 06 2014

The most pointless poll ever

You’re supposed to vote on who goes into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame, and this week, it’s… Ted Nugent Vs. Journey. Journey  57.28% Ted Nugent  42.72% Please. My stomach is still a little bit wobbly — I don’t want to hear anything from either one. The best I can say is Journey is banal, …

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Apr 23 2014

The "you’re freakin’ kidding me" poll

Trying to do theology by internet poll sounds … unwise. Is Jesus Christ the son of God? Yes 56.9% No 43.1%

Apr 15 2014

I’ve never crashed an Estonian poll before

Kas toetate sooneutraalset kooseluseadust? Jah 51.58% Ei 47.3% Puudub arvamus 1.12% You know what to do. (Oh, you want a hint? “Do you support gender-neutral cohabitation law?” Jah, yes; Ei, No: Puudub arvamus, no opinion. You’ll have to figure out your opinion on your own. Hääleta!)

Apr 06 2014

Pickles Poll

A minister with the silly sounding name of Eric Pickles is insisting that Britain is a Christian nation, the Telegraph is blithely reporting on it as news, and they have a poll which is running neck and neck with the contrasting views. Those of us in the United States can contribute our perspective on the …

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Apr 02 2014

A poll! To benefit my campus!

This is terribly self-serving, but I finally aim to use my poll-crashing powers for personal gain. UMM is competing in a video contest, and we’re currently a distant third. This is the contest: For the third straight year, Planet Forward is partnering with Second Nature to host the Climate Leadership Awards Video Voting Competition. Second Nature, which …

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Mar 20 2014

The anti-vaxxers are bombing a poll!

We need you to correct the bad direction this poll is taking. Clearly the anti-vaxxers have beaten us to it — get in there and provide the rational, evidence based perspective! Do you believe the anti-vaccination movement is a health threat? No  68.02% Yes  31.64% I’m not sure.  0%

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