Classic example demonstrating how online polls are worthless

We haven’t screwed with an online poll in a long time, but I think this one deserves a special bit of attention.

It’s from Arizona Wingnut Paul Gosar, DDS. It’s stupid because the wording is so flagrantly biased to the point where it shouldn’t even be a poll — if you feel that strongly about the issue, why are you asking for others’ opinions instead of standing up for your principles? I answered “no” to everything except the last one. I wonder if he gets enough votes that reject his biases, that he’ll then do an about-face?

I wasn’t even trying to be mindlessly contrary. I think “no” is the right answer to every question there but the last.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    Life began (on Earth) about 4.5 billion years ago.
    and also the egg and the sperm are both alive and probably … sacred

  2. Aaron says

    What the heck is “post birth abortion”?

    A nonsense phrase, but in context I think they’re referring to what is usually called “infanticide”.

  3. bcwebb says

    Does any one have Susan Collins’ email for where the poll asks for an address?

  4. chris says

    What they are calling “post birth abortion” is the plan on how to deal with a baby who is not able to sustain life. Questions that need to be answered is should there be respiratory support, and other medical interventions, and then whether both parents hold the baby during its last moments. This is a decision that has to be made by too many parents.

    One of those parents was Dr. Jen Gunter who had triplets, and only two survived. She wrote an opinion piece in the NY Times explaining that she did not kill her baby. She wrote more here:

    Of course the far right’s war on women includes stripping pre-natal care and other access to healthcare so infant and maternal mortality can only get worse. By the way, the anti-science folks like to claim vaccines are bad because the USA has high infant mortality rates. Then they get furious if you ask them if everyone in the USA has access to healthcare.

  5. says

    @9 chigau

    He has a talent for causing things pain.
    Yes, he’s a dentist
    People will pay him to be inhumane!
    His temperament’s wrong for a preacher, and teaching would suit him still less!
    So he’s a dentist. And doesn’t suck less.


  6. chigau (違う) says

    Thank you.
    I had forgotten.
    That is going on the list.

  7. gijoel says

    Trolls away, opinion poll fucked with. Can I have my million dollars from George Soros now please?

  8. raven says

    It’s from Arizona Wingnut Paul Gosar, DDS.

    Oh, I can play that simple minded game.
    New poll.

    .1. Paul Gosar, DDS is
    .A. An idiot.
    .B. A forced birther
    .C. A religious kook
    .D. A female slaver
    .E. All of the above.

    .2. If you don’t own and control your own body, what are you?
    A. A slave.
    .B. A pregnant woman in Paul Gosar’s fantasy dystopia.
    .C. A forced-to-be mobile incubator.
    .D. Female property of a male person in Paul Gosar’s fantasy dystopia.
    .E. All of the above.

  9. stwriley says


    Little Shop of Horrors indeed! Now, if only we could feed Dr. Goser (or is it “Gasser”?) to Audrey II, we’d all be in a much better place.

  10. microraptor says

    stwriley @15: I’m not sure that even a mean, green mother from outer space could stomach Goser.

  11. ridana says

    I gave them the email address of one of my regular spammers so they can get on each others’ lists. >:)

  12. opposablethumbs says

    I used a throwaway ‘maildrop’ email address, which the poll seemed to accept.
    Wow, the “leading questions” could hardly be any more leading, could they!

  13. alixmo says

    U.S. citizens seem to be immune against the full blown stupidity, the lies, dishonesty and pure propaganda coming from their politicians. I, personally, find this “poll” from an elected representative shocking. Everybody else here just seems amused about it…

    Looking at this “poll”, I am not surprised that people voted for Trump – and surely will vote for many other lying bastards after him. Facts just do not matter, “truth” is now nothing but a religious concept (which, ironically, could not be further from actual “truth”).

    The disregard for scientific or social realities, facts, truthful information, combined with a lack of education (especially a lack of independent, critical thinking) and loads of religious bogus, undermines democracy. Democracy needs citizens who are able to understand the world, the important events and currents that are impacting society. The fact that people actually voted for a man like this representative, is disconcerting.

    Just one thing about the “poll”: the mentioning of life beginning “from conception” should raise a red flag. He did not have to say anything else!

    The ideology that life begins with conception is based on the religious notion that “God” decides when a woman gets pregnant – and gives a “SOUL” to the fertilized egg!

    The religious concept of “soul” (the special sauce that only humans got from “God”, unlike all the other species), combined with a highly patriarchal world-view, is the insurmountable obstacle in any attempt to sway religious people’s opinions on abortion. As long as a myth like that ranks higher than any scientific proof, we will not win the battle on women’s reproductive rights.

    Religion itself is the problem here and that has to be addressed.

  14. rietpluim says

    There was a time when theologians were seriously discussing whether women do have souls.

    I guess they wouldn’t have objected to abortion of female fetuses.

  15. says

    Waiting for thirdmill to show up and tell us how we‘re not engaging the very good and serious arguments of forced birthers and instead only strawmen their position…

  16. Curious Digressions says

    @21 alixmo:

    If we’re anything, we are grimly determined to hold on to our pig-stubborn ignorance with both hands. In darker moments, I question whether Trump isn’t the president we deserve. Is this really what people want? 40% say it is.

    *standard disclaimer: not all americans, etc.

  17. mikeschmitz says

    I voted the same as the OP and it came back with:
    “Our server could not verify that you are a human.”

  18. Akira MacKenzie says

    I have no problem with killing an “unborn baby” or even a born baby. Small loss. Children contribute nothin to society beyond their ability to replace adults, and our filthy species is already over-populated. It’s only the lives of educated, productive adults who have something to offer civilization that matters. Therefore, killing an adult is “murder.” Killing a useless, resource-consuming parasite/child… Meh. It’s not as if someone won’t crap another one out of their vag.

    Abort all you want. The stupid will just conceive more.

  19. Rob Grigjanis says

    Akira @28: Having met and spent some time with my two-month-old grandniece a couple of days ago, I’m pretty damn sure that she is far less a waste of time, space and resources than you are. And far, far more charming.

    Anyone else on your death list? I mean apart from the religious and the animal rights activists.

  20. chigau (違う) says

    Some fortymumble years ago I terminated a pregnancy that may have been someone’s grand nefniece twice removed.

  21. says

    I have no problem with killing an “unborn baby” or even a born baby. Small loss. Children contribute nothin to society beyond their ability to replace adults, and our filthy species is already over-populated.

    It’s funny how the people who go on about overpopulation and how some people should just be killed because they’re worthless are always on that safe side of people who totally get to stay alive because they are for sure not overpopulating anything.
    And before somebody strawmans me: I’m talking about babies. There’s no such thing as an “unborm baby”

  22. rietpluim says

    Also funny how people who say when I’m old I’m gonna kill myself because I’ll be of no use to society anymore never live up to their standards.